Andre Ward Reacts To Oscar Valdez Knockout Of Miguel Berchelt

andre ward reacts to oscar valdez knockout of miguel berchelt

Good old Andre Ward has transitioned well into his commentator role in the sport of boxing.

ESPN are lucky to have him.

Tim Bradley insightful too.

One could wonder what throwing in Teddy Atlas, Chael Sonnen and Stephen A. Smith into that mix might produce for television as well.

It could be explosive and a good balance between all the different personalities to promote boxing and combat sports moving forward.

Like everyone, Ward was impressed with what he saw at the weekend from new world champ Oscar Valdez.

Speaking to Fight Hype YouTube (hat tip) Ward gave his reaction and breakdown of what he saw:

Big future for Valdez.

No doubt about it.

A fighter coming into the prime of his career who matches up well with many of his rivals style wise in and around his weight class.


People All Saying The Same After Valdez Knockout Of Berchelt

People All Saying The Same Thing After Oscar Valdez Vs Miguel Berchelt