The current world situation has left boxing and boxers at all levels without consistent dates or fights lined up to work towards.

Things are falling out and chopping and changing all the time.

That’s the nature of professional sport anyway unfortunately but add to that, what is going on in the world at the moment, business logistics and infrastructure is adversely skewed to put it lightly.

Carl Frampton vs Herring fight postponed the latest disappointment this month unfortunately.

However, respected commentator and colorful trainer Teddy Atlas put it well for boxers at the moment:

Obviously training and making weight inside closed off bubbles and hotel rooms is not easy.

Physically or mentally at the moment for many fighters.

As Atlas mentions above though, boxers can still look for more in themselves at the moment though.

They can still acquire new weapons to their arsenals and add strings to their bows.

Even now.

It has been shown to be doable last year by various fighters, after all.

The young boxers breaking through in the sport in particular.

Even the old warriors like Pacquiao have shown some minor technical improvements in my humble opinion (later in his career).

There are positives to take too out of this time for boxing and boxers.

Things will get better.

Keep the faith and keep being good to one another.


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Canelo Shows Off Punching Power For Avni Yildirim Fight