Mike Tyson Is Very Correct On An Important Assumption

Mike Tyson Is Very Correct On An Important Assumption

With all the doom and gloom and division around the world it is important to point out that boxing is still carrying on.

Like it always has.

Even former boxers like youngest heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson did a well received exhibition with Roy Jones last year.

Indeed, Tyson has also been staying busy getting a lot of boxers on his now worldwide podcast ‘Hotboxin With Mike Tyson’.

In a time where people in different places around the world are snapping at one another devout Muslim and boxing legend Mike Tyson mentioned the following on forgiveness on his podcast:

(Hat tip: Hotboxin’ with Mike Tyson YouTube)

Wow. Big respect.

Perhaps the hardest thing in all of life, alas, the very, very last thing to go and work on for many.

The last, of the last, of the very last, resentments and negative things for many to go in the end.

Extremely tough to do but then again, what’s the alternative?

Seriously, what’s the other option?

Pause, and think about it for a second. Break it down.

Otherwise isn’t it just like you drinking the poison and wanting someone else to die?

Are you not just hurting yourself doing that? Why would anyone do something purposefully to not benefit themselves? What logic is in that?

So, why not forgive?

Why grow old bitter?

Don’t need to.

It’s a choice, ah yes, choice — the difference between good and evil — right and wrong and the space between heroes and cowards in life.

Perhaps the best test of all human morality tests, in the test of life, is seeing a human genuinely happy for another one.

With nothing to gain from it. Think about it.

Forgiving not far behind, though.

Now, forgiveness doesn’t mean having to have to do anything with people who may have done you wrong.

It’s for you, and you alone, to move on.

You win then.

Era, good old Mike has been on a roll with some of these podcasts lately to be fair.

As for his boxing, it is thought he’s getting in there with Evander Holyfield this year in an exhibition once again.

On his ‘Legends Tour’ — should be interesting.


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