Big Development For Boxing In Early 2021 TV Viewing Numbers

The sport of boxing like any other professional sport at the moment is in survival mode like the vast majority of businesses and people around the world.

Keeping the lights on as best it can during the current times.

Amateur boxing has suffered far more sadly.

Gym closures and going out of business a common occurrence.

Doesn’t make any sense for people’s health to keep places like MacDonald’s open.

Then to close boxing and fitness gyms down.

No logic at all in it.

That said, boxing is fighting back.

These numbers on what wasn’t a mega card in fairness now show the power of boxing being on major US TV networks again like Fox for last weekend’s Caleb Plant world title event:

  • January 30th PBC on FOX card headlined by Caleb Plant vs Caleb Truax averaged 1.608 million viewers (495K viewers in the 18-49 demographic)
  • 0.95 household rating (0.38 rating in 18-49 demos)
  • 1.887 million viewers
  • Peaked viewership of 2.019 million


Excellent work.

I’m not sure many yet realize the importance of the above.

In a time with any sport struggling for numbers on American television for boxing to do this at the start of 2021 is powerful.

When you combine these numbers with numbers from the likes of ESPN towards the end of 2020 boxing has really got something here.

There’s a real opportunity here in America for boxing this year.

There really is.

If ESPN and Fox could work together later in the year possibly on Spence vs Crawford the potential upside is incredible.

Maybe towards the end of the year the way things are going.

All in all, very encouraging.

A lot to work towards in terms of getting after the big, real numbers in America this year.

Thank God boxing got off to a good start to the year.

It needed it.


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