Disgraceful WBA Heavyweight Move Shows The Damage Done

Disgraceful WBA Heavyweight Move Shows The Damage Done

Look, everyone is entitled to earn a living.

That is a human right.

But in any business or walk of life there has to be at least a bit of balance and common sense.

Come on.

Not the case with the WBA it seems. The World Boxing Association.

An organization that promised the sport only a few years ago that it would go back to one title belt per division.

Not only was that reneged on but the issue of proliferation of world title belts has exceeded any comprehension of being sensible.

Now gone beyond a joke.

Crazy stuff really.

This was the current situation recently at heavyweight for example:

  • Anthony Joshua (WBA Super)
  • Manuel Charr (WBA Champion in Recess but now considered ‘Regular’ champion).
  • Trevor Bryan vs Bermane Stiverne (was fought for the vacant WBA Regular title recently).
  • However Bryan is now considered the interim champion according to the WBA website.
  • It is unclear how they are changing and updating things as they go along.
  • Robert Helenius (WBA Gold).

Can someone please explain what is going on.

This ‘Champion in Recess’ seems to be one of latest gimmicks that some of the world title organizations are apparently pulling.

It just seems that common sense is so far gone now from the WBA at heavyweight and in other divisions that the problem is beyond repair.

Until boxing promoters really decide to do something about it, it’s hard to see any change in this for the sport of boxing.

Insane stuff.


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