Adrien Broner Makes A Suggestion To Floyd Mayweather

Adrien Broner Makes A Suggestion To Floyd Mayweather

As the world situation continues to exasperate in terms of uncertainty there is no clear light at the end of the tunnel just yet for big fights in boxing consistently being back in America.

Limited crowd audience sizes in States like Texas and to a lesser extent Florida has allowed boxing to keep the lights turned on TV wise for now.

But the big bucks that the mega fights command just can’t be done yet.

Hence why some high profile fighters have even talked of doing exhibitions more and more.

Adrien Broner the latest to make the suggestion to one Floyd Mayweather no less:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Maybe not a bad idea for entertainment and some sort of money generator but what are you talking about Broner in terms of that kind of money.

That’s insane man.

Crazy money, there’s no way that many people would fork out that kind of dough for an exhibition at the moment.

Now, maybe a legit fight, that’s a different story. Ok. Fair enough.

But obviously Mayweather would only be coming back for an exhibition at this point to be fair.

Good to see Broner staying in the gym and keeping busy in recent times.

All in all, the odd time for the world continues on.

The amount of incompetent people both in governments in Europe and in some European private industry truly baffling at the moment. Idiots. Morons. Dishonest and shady to say the least. Certainly not to be trusted or respected anymore. Some disgusting people showing their true colors at the moment. My view of people and humans in general the longer left over here in Europe continues to decline by the day. Depressing. Great to run in to the occasional American over here every now and then.

Keep safe all and keep the faith.

Continue being good to one another.

This pandemic thing is nothing to worry about.

Frankly it’s boring at this stage. What a complete joke of a situation.

The amount of dumb, stupid, moronic and brain dead Irish and European people I had to deal with today was depressing frankly, so good to speak with family and friends in America briefly after that, instantly energized again after having my energy sapped by the former, I’d have jacked life in and destroyed this website long ago if not for the latter. God bless America.

God is in control of all this bull going on in the world at the end of the day, in my humble opinion, when all is said and done.

The Book of Revelations continues to predict things every day now all around us.

On a boxing note, some decent action to look forward to this month.

There really is.

Particularly Canelo at the end of the month.

Joe Smith, the stuff with Top Rank this month and more to look forward to.

Solid month this month for the sport.

Not spectacular but enough to keep more hope up and look forward to.

Roll on.


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