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12 Reasons That Might Now Make Katie Taylor The Best Ever Irish Athlete

Look, sometimes many awards are bull and just for a bit of publicity.

We know that.

Lots of businesses in lower level industries often buy awards behind the scenes just for publicity.

Sad but true.

Okay. Granted.

Even still.

Sometimes there’s respectable ones that are worth something from people who actually count.

People with actual substance and actual credibility.

Katie Taylor from Ireland last year sent waves around the sport of boxing.

She was regarded as the best female boxer worldwide.

So much so that her manager Brian Peters summarized it all up in one graphic.

Retweeted by her promoter Eddie Hearn.

When you consider all of this together it is impressive:

Not bad from Taylor.

She improved technically as a fighter and showed heart as well at times in 2020.

A devout Christian and tremendous role model for boxing.

Not just women’s boxing.

As for the above awards and accolades, even if you were being critical…

Okay maybe the Irish ones are meaningless and the ones from the bum governing boxing bodies garbage too in the grand scheme of things.

But certainly BBC and ESPN moving up to the C and B levels though. Eye brow and interest raised there.

Ah yes, but you can’t take away the Ring Magazine or the American Boxing Writers acknowledgement.

No way.

No true boxing or sport fan can. Ah yes, that A level stuff. That’s what’s up.

Katie Taylor is a credit to God, herself and the sport of boxing.

This year could be really special for her if they can get her in at least three big, meaningful fights in America.

If she keeps up this momentum and women’s boxing overall does as a sport, perhaps we may have to enter a woman into our pound for pound top ten rankings at the end of the year.

It is debatable perhaps that Taylor could now be considered the best Irish sport person of all time.

Certainly on track for it.

Perhaps even more on track to becoming the best female boxer of all-time.

Much work to do. She’s done everything she can so far on her end.

Listen up Eddie Hearn you British bum, much respect, but just don’t screw things up. There’s a big opportunity here.

Big opportunity this year. Get her the big money.

Big fights.

Big deals. Sponsorship and commercial.

Get whatever little London lawyer buddies from Oxford or Cambridge or whatever other overrated place you need to do it from.

Just make sure these big fights and big deals get bloody done. She deserves it.

This is the big leagues now in America not some damn small place like Ireland, England, Europe or Asia or other place I could care less for damn it.

This is the year to make Taylor a big star in America and in doing so a worldwide star. She has the talent.

She has the platform.

She just needs bigger fights and better promotion.

Get her the big well deserved fights her hard work, attitude and dedication deserve.

Big opportunity overall to grow women’s boxing if this is done right.

Think about it logically for a second.

If that is done right, economically, it can then be leveraged to grow the sport of boxing as a whole.

For loads of reasons too long to go into here.

More so in the wider context of sport.

Audience-wise and everything else.

This could be the last shot for women’s boxing to do this and Taylor and other fighters are its last chance in this generation.

Could be huge if done correctly for all of boxing.

Carry on and get on with it.


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