The WBA Has Taken Disgusting Action On Manny Pacquiao

The WBA Has Taken Disgusting Action On Manny Pacquiao

The WBA ‘World Boxing Association’ have once again degraded their own credibility and brought negative attention to themselves and the sport.

An organization that a few years back said they would make an effort to go back to having one world title per division.

Not only to go back on that claim but to make things even worse.

More titles than ever before.

Give everyone a bloody Gold medal mentality. Make everyone a damn winner. Give everyone a world title shot.

Same as some other organizations.

What a joke.

They are on their way out though. Slowly, and they know it.

It’s just a matter of time before some of these world title belt organizations are taken out of the equation ruthlessly and without hesitation.

Unless they get their bloody act together and hurry up about it.

The latest move to anger many by the WBA was to put Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao into champion in recess and strip him of his title.

Due to what they deemed as inactivity even though ‘PacMan’ had not been active as he was helping out back in his home country during the adverse situation in the world.

Disgusting treatment for his kindness by the WBA.

The entire industry itself continue to discuss the ongoing problematic situation with these world title belt organizations.

Their value and importance continue to decrease by the day.