Founder of Premier Boxing Champions and boxing adviser, widely known in the industry to be easily and by far the most powerful man in all of boxing, Al Haymon, continues to grow his power and loyalty with his growing roster of fighters all the time behind the scenes.

Making little fuss, songs or dances and quietly getting on with his business of trying to make the best fights possible.

So much so, that recently one of his top clients and pound for pound best boxers in the world has even disclosed financials he turned down from a prominent rival to join Haymon.

Usually this kind of stuff and business dealings are kept behind closed doors.

Rightly so.

However it appears that Spence was incensed by something Terrence Crawford’s promoter Bob Arum said on social media.

He sounded off by saying:

“Instead of taking bob 200k signing bonus went with Al my advisor & Didn’t take a signing bonus took a stipend a month for a year to hold me a float till I started making ok money cause I knew where I could take it believe in you.”

Indeed Spence is a much bigger name than Crawford at the moment in America in the sport of boxing.

A huge draw in his home State.

A massive State in itself in the USA too in Texas.

That makes him the A-Side in negotiations on its own. Texas being one of the few places hosting live boxing events at the moment.

This drawing power has brought him some big things already.

The fight everyone wants to see though at the end of the day is between he and Crawford.

Promoter of Crawford, Bob Arum of Top Rank has said that it not Al Haymon’s fault the fight hasn’t happened.

He has claimed in various quarters that Spence is scared of Crawford.

Pointing the blame squarely at Errol Spence.

Hopefully the fight can be made this year.


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The WBA Has Taken Disgusting Action On Manny Pacquiao

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