Eddie Hearn Keeps It Real On Success and Moving On In Life

Eddie Hearn Keeps It Real On Success and Moving On In Life

Loud mouth English boxing promoter Eddie Hearn has come a long way since his introduction to the sport of boxing.

Son of successful sport entrepreneur Barry Hearn, Hearn junior has made his own name now.

Through a lot of hard work in recent times.

His passion and candid take on things refreshing at times.

His not give a fook attitude too. Very good.


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Yeah, he talks a bit of bull every now and then.

These extrovert boxing personalities like him and Bob Arum often do.

Speaking to Kugan Cassius of IFL TV during a strange time for the world he kept it one hundred however.

Looking back on it all since he started in boxing:

“I really didn’t know what I was doing then. I look at myself then not just in my job but in my life… I was just a little kid. Back then I just had a spring in my step, buzz, swag and a love for what I was doing. But I didn’t really know the business. Now I know the business. I’m dangerous. Because I am better than anyone and I know the business inside out.”

He added:

“It’s like anything, you know. People think you changed. People don’t change but their situation changes. Things become more serious. They have to work harder. They have to make more sacrifices. The classic one would be you know, when, and this isn’t reflective of my situation, but when you are in a group of pals or mates and you all talk to each other every night and you all go down the pub all the time.”

He went on:

“Then some guy has to invest his time and his life into his profession and they have to make sacrifices. They are not around anymore. They might get success and apparently he’s changed. He ain’t changed. He’s the same person. But when you’re chasing a dream you can’t just be that same person. Do you understand? If you want to be Mr. nice guy. Mr. average. Mr. dependable. It’s very difficult to chase a dream and be driven to success without making sacrifices that make you an arsehole.”

He further noted:

“Then all of a sudden you get to a position of not to sound like an arsehole, power or control. I’m exactly the same person that I was then. I’m just wiser and I’m a bit more mature. But you can’t let other people’s poison get in the way of your dreams and your vision you know. Because some people are toxic. Some people don’t want you to be successful. Some people resent success.”

Smart analysis.

Indeed any successful businessman like Hearn has to be a little bit selfish in a way. Tunnel vision and focused.

Emotionless in ignoring non important details and people outside of your inner circle. Real friends and real family.

Them and God are what count.

Surrounding yourself with the right people in life to bring all of each other up is key.

Inspiring and helping one another at the same time.

Not around negative influences or fake friends that may bring you down.

If it doesn’t advance you why stick around. What’s the point. It just simply doesn’t matter.

Stick with your own. Make your own bubble.

Works every time. Never fails for a happy life.

Ignore the noise and pointless distractions.

Indeed, Hearn has come in for criticism for an over inflated ego and being arrogant at times in boxing.

Perhaps unfair upon balanced reflection.

As an extrovert boxing promoter that’s what he needs to be, and, who he is anyway.

Natural confidence and love for what he is doing clear with his passion for boxing.

It’s not arrogant if you clearly back things up.

Which he has done in the UK over the years in terms of growing the sport.

America different though.

Brits don’t get it as much and are never as brave over there as they are at home.

From experience they quickly gravitate towards people like the Irish and Europeans over there.

Maybe to feel safe when in the biggest dog in the park’s back garden in the world at the end of the day, America.

At least from my quiet analysis over the years observing Brits in America.

That’s okay. The key thing about growing in America is respecting the melting pot of ethnicities and cultural differences it has.

As for good old Eddie and his detractors. The one thing I will say is this.

Ego is just a sense of self and a made up human concept. It’s irrelevant. Something that doesn’t exist in the eyes of God.

Labels of having a big ego always come from those who fear successful people in any walk of life. Perhaps looking to get a reaction. Childish behavior.

Saying more about them in the process inadvertently.

Rooted more in the fear and jealousy of some people towards successful people inside themselves.

Perhaps hidden or disguised by a nervous laugh or smile.

Or maybe a lack of eye contact.


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While I don’t agree with everything Hearn has done in boxing I certainly respect his work ethic.

I respect the hustle and his boxing success in smaller, safer and easier places like the UK and Europe.

Credit to him and Matchroom Sport. Professional company.

It’s been great to see them grow over the years.

If everyone does well in boxing the sport does better at the end of the day.

At times like this in the world this mentality is needed more I’d suggest.

There’s already enough negativity out there.

Particularly in boxing to make the big fights fans want to see.

All in all, 2021 will be a huge year for the entire sport of boxing worldwide.


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