Andre Ward Sums Up Social Media Boxing Garbage Perfectly

Andre Ward Sums Up Social Media Boxing Garbage Perfectly

Social media perhaps lends itself to a sport like boxing more than any other.

A sport that when it gets into your blood becomes unleavable.

Once bitten by the boxing love bug you’re hook for life for those that get addicted to it.

Relentlessly keeping up with latest news on it via social media or digital realms — an obvious ally to such a sport’s fanbase.

Former pound for pound head honcho Andre Ward knows all too well about it.

Former champion now commentator on ESPN, he sees it in live time.

The good and the bad.

Speaking on ‘Al Bernstein Unplugged: On Boxing’ Ward said:

“If you happen to look at a phone during a break in a fight, people will text, you may get Twitter alerts. You’re right, it’s in real time. You don’t always have to say something polarizing. You might just say something that somebody doesn’t like or doesn’t agree with.”

Ward now commentates on ESPN and was one of the first sport network teams in the world to bring back any live sport on TV last year.

Not many have given boxing this credit in terms of the work done by ESPN and Vegas promotional individuals Top Rank.

Hopefully this year will see big live crowds back across the entire sport.