Mayweather Learns A Brutal Lesson In The School Of Boxing Promotion

Mayweather Learns A Brutal Lesson In The School Of Boxing Promotion

Once again Floyd Mayweather has looked to think outside the box and roll the dice with his entertainment/boxing career.

However in any business anyone worth their salt will tell you some times the chips are up.

Some times the chips are down.

Life is a gamble. Isn’t it funny.

The race is long it seems buts it’s not, life is short only rather, in pursuit of the ultimate prize, while having a good life and a positive impact on humanity along the way to learn respect and humility for one another, only then at the very end to meet the son of God, Jesus Christ, all the angels and saints, God himself of course and reunite with family in heaven for eternity.

Ah yes, the meaning of life.

Alas, thankfully the will of God cannot be undone or changed.

Hat tip to the following new YouTube channel making waves at the moment. Millions of sucscribers already.

Growing at an incredible rate on YouTube — much faster than any podcast or channel on Earth at the moment.

Lion of Judah YouTube. This too by Beat by Allen Parr YouTube pretty on point.

Great to also see new podcasts on the Apple and Google stores for Christianity getting straight to number one worldwide out of nowhere recently.

Thought something like this would happen right about now. That’s how powerful God is. Very good. Right on time.

All systems derived from any human impression of the preceding creed, concerning the purpose of life, operate within that atmosphere in the West at least.

Regarding gambling, or choice within that, when they are motivated by forces for good.

Contemplate multiple decisions for a second.

Stock markets, business, or anything really, getting out of bed in the morning, even basic daily functions are always a gamble when you really break it down.

Always have been and always will by the Grace of God.

With that in mind the current generally practiced procedure and tried and tested approach in the West is capitalism.

Still prevails.

Not socialism or communism.

Hard work and dedication cornerstones of the first mentality largely inspired by the good old USA one would have to concede.

If it isn’t broke why fix it?

The old boxing business an interesting case study in that regard.

Boxing promotional genius Floyd Mayweather landed flat on his face recently with a proposed exhibition against Logan Paul showing the volatility of any business or anything really when you think about it.

Not systematic in cause more the nurture of the life cycle of any business or walk of life.

Reports of lack of demand and stipulations by Mayweather reasons apparently given for the venture not getting off the ground.

A brutal lesson in the school of boxing promotion that not any old freak show will just sell because people have followings.

Stories are what govern the entertainment business which has shown to be recession proof since time of immemorial.

Mayweather has to be commended however in trying to, and successfully to an extent in recent years, in as much as growing his company Mayweather Promotions in States across the country and cities where boxing typically hasn’t been big for a while.

He and his company have shown that isn’t the case however in many of these cities.

My guy I’d much rather see you promote the heck out of one of the best boxers pound for pound on Earth today in Gervonta Davis:

All that YouTuber celebrity boxing stuff can wait a few months surely.

All in good time, sorry, God’s time.

The Floyd Mayweather school of boxing promotion still a work in progress but in terms of entertainment, music and boxing I understand what he and his team are doing.

Good work and continue rolling the dice with calculated moves.

Heck, not all of them will come off and that’s okay. It happens.

What was it Ali said, he who is not courageous enough to take risk will acoomplish nothing in life.

All day.

At any rate, big weekend of boxing to look forward to this weekend.

Hats off to Stephen Fulton last weekend too.

Tremendous showing.

The sport of boxing will continue to innovate, fight and survive the current prevailing theme of unease noted and observed in the world at this time.

Make no mistake about it.