All around the world economies are tanking at present.

Except for China, strangely…

Make of that what you will…

Job losses and business closures are common place at the moment as the current world situation eliminates and takes out many.

Crushing many soon within seconds, moreover.

It will happen so quick most won’t even see it.

Indeed, many are now working remotely for the first time and also there has been an increase in freelance work on the side in the gig economy world wide.

Safe employee jobs working nine to five Monday to Friday a thing of the past unless you are working for the Federal government perhaps.

Certainly in the tech and digital currency market as people bid to stay a float.

Entrepreneurship is created out times like this. Many have an opportunity now to create their own business for themselves and their loved ones.

Youngest heavyweight champion of the world Mike Tyson made a good point on Twitter on this:

Right on, Mike.

The ‘HotBoxin with Mike Tyson’ podcast has been on fire in this regard over the last year.

Easily the fastest growing podcast on Earth, heck of a business idea.

That said, what’s the story with the old co-host Eben not being on the show recently for the boxing episodes?

Get him bloody back on the damn thing Mike.

All in all, the world is certainly in a state of flux at the moment.

People getting used to remote working for the first time, we’ve been doing this for near seven years travelling, building slowly and quietly the old contacts on route eventually home to the good old USA.

God bless and love the old Europeans in fairness, harmless people, nothing will ever beat America for us though.

Further to Tyson’s suggestion, plenty of opportunities out there at the moment.

American economy will be fine and back stronger than ever.

Just briefly on a quick aside, in places like Ireland across the pond saw some of those Irish government goons scrambling to save things over there on the small island of Ireland.

Terrible, can see why foreign investors continue to decrease the value of Ireland more and more at the moment. Sad really.

I don’t bother checking the news there anymore but did for the first time recently in I can’t remember how long and realized why I don’t bother wasting my time anymore.

God love those useless, harmless civil servant fooks trying to run a small country like that.

Ah, suppose those morons are only trying their best God love um, hope they look after the Irish people.

Might check in on the old news there again in another three or four years.

Anyway, back to real business and real life.

Great to hear recently of some of the good old real Irish Americans helping out in inner city Chicago.

Some places where many cops won’t even go, only a select few really don’t mind getting down and going in to help the hard hit communities at times like this in the world through philanthropic or charitable non profit endeavors.

Ah yeah, good old Irish Americans to the rescue once again, always the same.

Regarding amateur boxing.

Boxing clubs so important for the country at the moment at times like this for mental health, discipline and physical health.

Nice to see Team USA back to work this week good man coach Walsh:

In closing on this business themed note — further to good old Iron Mike’s take above — some interesting opportunities in crypto/blockchain we’d suggest.

Re Warren Buffett’s recent take on bitcoin being scarcity-driven and a non producing asset, okay Einstein, totally agree.

That said, the crypto and blockchain landscape as a whole only going to get stronger.

He knows it too.

Bitcoin could definitely do well in the interim moreover.

Either way, even in its demise or the downfall of the concepts it operates within macro economically still contain value in people discussing or trading long-term.

Maybe we’ll start an old crypto or blockchain related content or e-commerce site/platform soon.

Acquired the following yesterday:

Who knows what the future holds, era, sure we don’t know anything.

Not an old advocate of buying and flipping domains per se, garbage business and waste of time for the most part.

Maybe just stick with the old crypto and block chain market for now and keep an eye.

Gold perhaps a good buy and hold hedge side pot too at the moment. Maybe the old international import export game isn’t maxed out just yet either.

All in all, loads of opportunity out there for everyone at the moment.

Don’t buy into all the bull of social media and negativity, nah, fook that.

Right, fook this, time to get a burrito and check in with a lovely European woman for a dentist appointment.

In conclusion, continue to stay safe folks during this strange time for the world and be good to one another.

God is good all the time.

Keep the faith.

Things will get better.

One hundred per cent.


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