Manny Pacquiao is not finished just yet in boxing.

Not by a long shot.

While talks linked him of a possible showdown with one Conor McGregor in a boxing ring not long ago, judging by this it would have been a massicre in favor of Pacquiao.

At 42-years young he continues to defy conventional wisdom and science with some staggering handspeed on display near the start of this:

(Hat tip EsNews YouTube)

Very good.

Even slowing down the video makes it hard to keep an eye still on the hand speed.

A remarkable athelte in fairness.

Pacquiao has been tabbed to take on young gun Ryan Garcia later this year.

Garcia metioned the news on social media yesterday but as of yet nothing official.

No news from Pacqaio’s side either.

A member of Pacquiao’s team did suggest another get together with Floyd Mayweather on social media.

If Mayweather and Pacquiao did get together again expect it just to be an exhibition.

Highly unlikely though at this stage.

Credit to Pacquiao if he steps in there with a young hungry lion in Garcia.

Likewise to Garcia, too.

Certainly not avoiding the tough or big fights.

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