Khabib Reacts To McGregor Knockout and Conor Responds

Khabib Reacts To McGregor Knockout and Conor Responds

Irish fight star Conor McGregor suffered his first knockout defeat of his career on Saturday night.

During uncertain times for the world the UFC put on an event dubbed as ‘Fight Island’.

One time professional boxer McGregor fought previous opponent Dustin Poirier.

Following the fight long time rival of McGregor, Khabib reacted to the bout with the following:

Says a lot about the character of the Russian. No good. Kicking a man when he is down shows weakness. No doubt Vladimir Putin would agree.

Perhaps Khabib could take a note out of the humble book of all time best Russian fighter, Fedor Emelianenko.

McGregor in his post-fight press conference reacted to the tweet from Khabib saying:

“My team has been the team from day one. I have not changed anything. It is what it is you know. Respect the athletes. That’s the character of the man for sure. The man (Khabib) behind the mask. What does he want to do? Does he want to comeback or not? He’s not throwing no leg kicks.”

He added:

“If he wants to have his disrespectful comments come back and let’s go again my man. You know what I mean. I’m here for it.”

The leg kicks from Dustin Poirier proved pivotal on the night.

After the bout McGregor noted ring rust played a factor for him and vowed to come back.

Good humility shown by McGregor in the press conference.

Humble in defeat when speaking to the press and giving full credit to his opponent on the night.

Pride comes before the fall.

McGregor appears to get this now.

As for boxing, a return to the sport could be some way from materializing again for McGregor.


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