The fight game is a crazy business.

No doubt about it.

Professional fighters in reality have a short window of opportunity to make their money and get out of the game with their faculties intact.

Taking huge risks in the process.

A short endeavor in the grand scheme of things in view of their entire life time thereafter.

Manny Pacquiao, boxing and Filipino legend knows all about this.

And coming back from defeat having lost by knockout in the past himself.

Tipped as a possible opponent in professional boxing for Irishman Conor McGregor – Pacquiao said the following of his defeat Saturday night:

Well said.

Indeed many are in agreement with ‘PacMan’.

As for Pacquiao’s next fight in the boxing ring no date has been confirmed just yet.

Expect news soon.


Khabib Reacts To McGregor Knockout and Conor Responds

Khabib Reacts To McGregor Knockout And Conor Responds

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