Whacky YouTube star and newly pro boxer Jake Paul recently called out Conor McGregor for a professional boxing showdown.

In a video that went viral with goofy Paul holding the Irish flag and making disparaging comments about McGregor’s wife.

Alas, nothing much was seriously paid attention to it in boxing circles.

Understandably so.

However, credit to Paul in a way.

Okay, look.

The guy is despicable really.

Insulting a man’s wife and the way he goes about things.


That said.

In terms of the digital innovation to build what he’s done there is some in-genius method to it in a way.

He’s obviously going down the bad guy route to get as many people as possible to tune in to see him lose.

All the while he’s cashing a check to the bank.

Sooner or later if he keeps calling out these high level pro fighters one will take the bate and he’ll be flattened quickly.

Be careful what you wish for.

Some credit has to go to him in that he has built up a big following.

By all accounts he is adamant on continuing his pro boxing career.

As long as he gives the sport the appropriate seriousness in training and respect in that regard, carry on really.

Following McGregor’s knockout defeat Paul was the first to put the boot in:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Speaks volumes and says it all really. Hard to take serious.

One doubts McGregor cares about these YouTube kids in fairness.

Brother of Jake, Logan Paul, had been mooted to take on Floyd Mayweather in a boxing exhibition next month.

However it has been shelved for now due to lack of interest.

The strange start to the year in combat sports continues.

The thing with these events against YouTube stars is there needs to be a story line.

Random call outs just don’t work.

Yes, there are lots of stupid people out there but not quite enough of them, just yet anyway, for this kind of freak show to become a regularity in boxing.


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