Floyd Mayweather has really gone off on one following the Conor McGregor knockout defeat on Saturday night.

A furious ‘Money’ May has let loose his anger on McGregor amid various others following the loss.

Speaking on social media after McGregor’s first knockout defeat in mixed martial arts Mayweather posted a lengthy reaction:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)


He really got that off his chest there to be fair.

Good old Floyd.

Mayweather had been tabbed to take on YouTuber Logal Paul in a boxing exhibition next month.

However the event fell flat on its face with limited interest.

Mayweather stopped McGregor in a professional boxing match a few years back.

An event that captured the world’s attention largely because of the cross over between two combat sports.

Not some random celebrity on YouTube or the internet calling out a pro boxer.

And the pair’s larger than life personalities helped too of course.

One suspects that down the line you have not heard the last of Mayweather and McGregor in some form of exhibition.

McGregor’s whiskey ‘Proper 12’ moved into the sponsorship of some boxing events last year on Showtime.

Clever McGregor and Mayweather.

Expect to have these two — or their related businesses — associates/affiliates linked again in the future.

The fight business is the business of entertainment at the highest level after all.

But, with the caveat, that there has to be a balance to everything.

Boxing is seeing now that crossing over into some of the YouTube stuff doesn’t always work.

Take notes.


Jake Paul Rips Conor McGregor After Getting Knocked Out

Jake Paul Rips Conor McGregor After Getting Knocked Out

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