All around us in today’s times there’s a lot of negativity.

This and that, bad health, suffering and uncertainity around the world.

On a business level you can see it in the stock market as volatile and unpredictable as I can ever recall.

Driven by fear and pure speculation. Little substance.

Really people need to get to basics though.

A healthy body and a healthy mind mixed in with a lot of faith goes a long way.

Filipino boxing legend Manny Pacquiao has got a lot of reaction for his take on what to do at the moment:

‘PacMan’ is looking at a super pay day fight with Conor McGregor next up potentially.

If it were to fall through there has also been talks of a Terence Crawford bout in Asia.

Everything however dependent on what will happen with the world situation.

One interesting development for boxing in the far East recently has been Saudi Arabia announcing an end to their travel ban near the end of March.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we see more big time boxing out there again this year following Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz Jr in the not too distant past taking place there.

Time will tell.

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