World Champion Devin Haney Makes A Bold Claim

Devin Haney Makes A Bold Questionable Claim

Confidence in a young fighter is certainly a much needed facet of the game.

In a world champion it is part and parcel.

Sometimes it is up sometimes it is down according to human perception.

All fighters and people experience doubt at times. That’s the way life goes.

Real self-belief is always there though.

You can’t say WBC lightweight champion Devin Haney is struggling for self confidence at the moment.

Why would he, an undefeated world champion at 22. The Las Vegas local has had an electric start to his fight career.

Could he be bordering on over confidence with the following claim though:

He’s referring to the ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyd Mayweather era.

The pre ‘Money’ Mayweather career.

Back in Mayweather’s younger days where he was knocking opponents out and throwing a lot of combinations.

Subsequent hand problems saw him adapt his style later in his career to a more safety first pot shot merchant.

Comparing fighters of the past always a difficult thing to do.

Particularly given the weird modern era of boxing these days where fighters are more focused on the pay check and trash talk then ever before.

With that being said, Haney has shown excellent promise and a fight against Ryan Garcia next up would be a tremendous fight in the sport.

Two young undefeated stars in American and world boxing.

Hopefully it happens next.