New young boxing stars Ryan Garcia and Gervonta Davis appear to be on an inevitable collision course in the ring.

Both making waves in the sport at the moment.

Exciting, explosive fight styles and very strong fan bases being built at this time.

It probably won’t happen next up but certainly it is a possibility before the end of the year is finished.

The two recently got into it on the Mike Tyson podcast in a big way.

EsNews YouTube (hat tip) got some behind the scenes exclusive footage showing what Garcia told Davis via Tyson’s phone:

Ah yeah, very good from Mike there.

Really hyping the fight up.

One gets the sense when he is around these young fighters they bring out the best in him.

Transporting him back into the days of his own fight career.

More boxers and young fighters on his podcast would be excellent.

It could possibly be the most successful podcast in history already in terms of how fast it has grown in such a short time.

Much faster growth than the Joe Rogan podcast did in its initial first year or two for example.

For boxing, I’d suggest to Mike to keep getting on these young fighters more and more.

He can tell their stories and bring out aspects of their personalities in a way that others can’t.

Get the more introverted boxers on too like Terence Crawford for example, just a different approach obviously.

All in all, Davis vs Garcia is building nicely already.

Bring it on.

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