Boxing Keeping An Eye On The Good Doctor As He Recovers

Boxing Keeping An Eye On The Good Doctor As He Recovers

Many around the world will be familiar with the name of Dr. Dre, an internationally recognized rapper, producer and businessman.

He’s has been an avid supporter of the sport of boxing over the years.

Many well known boxers have been seen with him and spoken well of him.

In fact heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua has ‘Beats By Dre’ as one of his sponsors.

In recent times it has been reported that Dr. Dre was taken to hospital due to an aneurism on his brain.

It is understood he is recovering well at this time.

Former pound for pound champ Floyd Mayweather has been one of the many in boxing wishing him well during his recovery.

Speaking on Instagram Mayweather said:

‘We’re praying for you Dr. Dre.’


By all accounts the good doctor is on the mend and recovering well with the help of his American medical team.

A genius in his field.

A man who cared little for fame as he got older in life.

Realizing the bull of it all.

One thinks of the following from one his classic hits ‘Forgot About Dre’ at the moment:

‘Y’all know me, still the same OG
But I been low-key.’


‘Now all I get is hate mail all day sayin’ Dre fell off
What, ‘cause I been in the lab
With a pen and a pad tryin’ to get this damn label off?
I ain’t havin’ that
This is the millennium of Aftermath
It ain’t gon’ be nothin’ after that
So give me one more platinum plaque
And f*** rap, you can have it back.’

No one who has followed his career has forgotten about Dre however.

That is safe to say.

A real doctor in his craft, that’s for sure.

One gets the honor in life sometimes to chop it up with professors in their respective fields.

The terms ‘doctor’ and ‘professor’ really go outside the medical profession at times.

You’ll get the odd moron who talks negative about Dre.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Nobody successful in anything gets out alive of this life without coming through adversity.

Part of the game. Part of the journey.

Dr. Dre, an inspiration to many.

Get well soon.

(Photo credit: Floyd Mayweather Instagram)