Ryan Garcia’s Reaction To A New Issue In Society Is Spot On

Ryan Garcia's Reaction To A New Issue In Society Is Spot On

Boxing and indeed the rest of the world is living through some truly bizarre times at the moment.

All this politics bull, left wing, right wing, fried chicken wings etc.

A load of nonsense in truth.

It appears recently that there seems to be a new thing emerging in the world.

More and more of a sentiment from a small section in society against God and the entire faith of Christianity.

Including all of its denominations therein.

Boxing star Ryan Garcia replied to one faction of it with a classy response:


Indeed, the New Testament Book of Revelations predicted a lot of what is happening now.

In terms of ‘scoffers’ and ‘mockers’ of Christianity near the end times.

Everyone is a sinner of course but those that believe in Jesus Christ understand that he paid the price for all our sins and you are free and saved after that, repenting and believing.

Heaven and eternity a big prize in comparison to this short life which can end at anytime.

Moreover, successful people like Garcia in anything deal with a lot of jealousy from weak people who never achieved anything in their lives.

Those folks no doubt won’t be thinking that when those people come to the rescue in terms of Christians.

Garcia is quickly building up an even bigger following at the moment.

Not only in America but around the world.

Not just in boxing either.

Really thinking outside the box. Solid marketing.

In terms of the anti-Christianity by a small sub section of society going on, it is important to remember that respect of all human beings and human dignity is a two way street.

As Christians for example and our good friends the Jews and the Muslims, respect and freedom of all religions is a universal human right across the spectrum.

Sometimes referred to as but not limited to a human right under ‘free law’ or international ‘public law’.

Usually superseding most supreme courts in cases of breach of human rights.

As Christians, and all believers in God, we are taught and commanded to love thy neighbor as thy self.

That’s a two street though and if anti-Semitism and Islamophobia exists anti-Christianity and Christianophobia now needs to be checked and challenged legally in various jurisdictions in the same way.

As for Garcia, his future looks extremely bright in boxing.

A mandatory fight next up against Devin Haney is what is expected.

Great fight.

Roll on.