In the bizarre year that was 2020 things are not quite finished in that department just yet it would seem.

Former pound for pound boxing number one Floyd Mayweather accepted a boxing match next year against YouTube star Logan Paul.

A quick cash grab which you can’t blame him for.

That said, some have expressed genuine concern for the health of the much bigger Logan Paul if Mayweather were to go for the knockout in the exhibition.

Well, Mayweather has been now called out but none other than his old friend from Queens, New York Curtis Jackson.

The rapper also known under the alias ’50 Cent’.

Speaking to All Urban Central the music mogul said:

“I’m not really thinking about boxing. That’s a lot of work to get ready I’d fight him (Mayweather) in the street fight now at 180 lbs (laughs). No gloves. Ain’t no eight weeks to go to think about this. Right there.”

Oh dear.

The prospect of an exhibition between the two no doubt would sell given their beef in the past.

The weight difference would be considerable though.

Jackson had intended to partner with Mayweather in the promotion side of the business.

However things went sower and Jackson did his own thing as a promoter briefly.

Mayweather at this time heads Mayweather Promotions outside of his exhibitions around the world.


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