George Foreman Gives Take On Top 10 Heavyweights Of All Time

Ahead of Christmas it’s always a good time of year to take a look back at some legendary old fights and fighters of the past if you’re a genuine boxing fan.

One of the pretty cool things about boxing in a way is the rich history of champions as a sport it has had.

While a lot of things may perceivably change on the outside in the world some things never have in boxing.

Championship heart of a fighter, certain training methods like the heavy bag, speed bag, jumping rope and various time tested traditions.

Train alongside those you trust most.

Listen to some of the wisdom of those you cam before you.

Making weight and ultimately switching the mind on to the task ahead of you on fight night.

Coming up with an all-time best fighter list in any weight category is always a challenge consequently.

Given the plethora of talent to select from out of a sport so awash with great history like this.

One of boxing’s greats, oldest heavyweight champion in history George Foreman has chimed in one where he’d put some of the heavyweights:

He’s spot on in terms of being hard to get into the top 10 list.

So subjective of course and totally open to individual preference.

He’d be surely in there with a shout as well if being objective.

All legendary names above but its hard to say if Liston deserved to be in the top 10 list of best heavyweights ever or not.

You’d have to wonder what some of the legendary fighters above would think of the mess modern boxing has become these days.

A time where some of the amateurs running the boxing business are losing sight of many, many commercial and boxing, as a sport, parameters.

Running boxing into the ground at the moment.

A truly perverse, bizarre time for boxing, sports and the world currently.

Some of these chumps will need to be taken to school and put in their place soon if they don’t get their act together.

Make quality fights at crucially, the appropriate pricing point given the economic situation for most people.

Or just see what happens you tools.

Separate from this, on the media side and the wider media macro picture, too.

A time where also it should be noted media is more false than I can ever remember it being.

Don’t believe everything you read. Much of it out there is now becoming completely nonsense and of no use.

Get information for yourself first hand directly. Pick up the phone to get the information you need.

Don’t take the easy, lazy option and just believe some media. It should also be remembered, for balance, that there still are some excellent media out there too of course.

Do your homework and own private detective work to get to the facts, numbers and truth.

In conclusion, all of the above legendary fighters fought the best of their era during their times.

Back when men were men, fighters took on all challenges and never turned away from adversity.

Adversity introduces one to themselves and is in my humble opinion, an instrumental necessity on the journey of life towards God’s plan.

It’s killing me being away from the people I love in America this Christmas stuck in Eastern Europe but heck, it could be worse.

None of these boxing chumps tell us what to do so it’s about time we’ll have to kick some behind soon I suspect.

We cover and promote boxing in America from a big numbers perspective specifically.

Even with less content this year (and last year) and all the time I have taken off, living cheap, recovering from near death while I was getting better, my numbers, content and my intellectual property just keep getting bigger every year on here, somehow.

Thanks to you good folks in towns and cities in every State across the country.

Much respect.

Don’t know how it is even humanly possible but somehow stronger than ever now, coming into my prime soon.

With all that being said, when boxing as a sport starts getting compromised we might have to step in soon I’m starting to think now.

What a mess.

As for modern heavyweights, one big fight in the heavyweight division next year in modern boxing might involve Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury are also understood to be involved in litigation regarding a third fight so time will tell.

Once again, to some of the morons running boxing into the ground at the moment, get your act together over Christmas you simpletons.

I sometimes wonder do these folks have a brain in their head at all.

Think about why boxing is an important sport and not just your wallet for a change you chumps.

Moving forward, as Christmas comes soon — let us not forget what Christmas is all about.

The birth of Christ. The bible is still by far the biggest selling book of all time.

With 30% of it being prophecy based. For good reason.

We are commanded to love one another.

Even some of the old amateurs running the boxing business into the ground I suppose haha.

Bloody goons.

There’s a limit and a balance to everything though.

Look, mind yourselves folks. Very bizarre time for the world at the moment.

Forget boxing for a second.

This thing in my humble opinion could be a man assisted problem for the world this year.

Things could get a lot, lot worse next year if you think this year was bad.

Implement appropriate wisdom and understanding as you see fit. Protect yourself at all times.

Don’t believe people trying to deceive you, subtle or direct.

Through God all things are possible.

Trust me, I know it to be true. Impossible to explain but I just know it is true.

Keep the faith folks.

Cautious optimism ahead of 2021 for boxing but everything needs to be looked at a lot more closely in terms of the snakes and snaky, shady stuff going on in the world.

Take notes.


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