Boxing World Reacts To Tyson Fury and Teofimo Lopez Winning Award

Boxing World Reacts To Tyson Fury and Teofimo Lopez Winning Award

In the first time since 1985 the Ring Magazine has awarded a joint winner for fighter of the year.

35 years on from giving Marvin Hagler and Donald Curry the award for the 2020 fighter of the year award has gone to another two.

Lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury and lightweight champ Teofimo Lopez.

Both promoted by those loveable goons at Top Rank.

Well, it seems to have cheesed some people off.

In that there was not one winner clearly. That there were two.

In the bloody year that was in it though what harm.


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As for Fury and Lopez in boxing this year both men had a stellar 12 months really.

Fury kicking off the year with a highly impressive stoppage over former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder.

Lopez emerging as a new star in the sport towards the end of the carnage ridden 2020 via a big win over Vasyl Lomachenko of the Ukraine.

Here’s how some of the boxing world has reacted:

For balance I tend to agree that Lopez perhaps should have got the nod outright.

But, and it’s a big caveat, people forget where Fury came back from to essentially beat Wilder twice in many people’s opinion.

Okay, first fight was a draw but many had Fury ahead on the cards.

That comeback from that weight gain, mental health darkness and addiction was one of the most inspirational comebacks from an athlete in the 21st century.

Possibly ever.

That said, you can’t please everyone.

There will always be the stereotypical arm chair boxing fan who has never been in any unarmed combat situation, sports or otherwise, who will criticize.

That’s fair enough. That’s cool too.

That’s what sports fans do every now and then.

Debate and opinion is what makes sports like boxing so engaging after all.

Opinions are welcome if they are asked for.

You choose people like this, your friends, of which you are doing well to have a handful of in reality.

Strangers just simply don’t count in the ol inner circle.

I’d also just say though speaking to that mentality regarding online negativity, respectfully, listen you fat mother f’er, be more positive and mind ya damn business ya bum:

Anyone who knows anything about the world and business knows awards are meaningless anyway, they are total spoof and false for the most part.

In fact, the Ring Magazine and Boxing Writers Association of America awards are the only award things I’ve ever had even a shred of respect or time for.

Just keeping it real, you know how good you are at the end of the day and don’t need other people to tell you you’re the best in the world at whatever you do whether a boxer, entrepreneur, tech IT guy, teacher, police officer whatever.

It’s about the money at the end of the day and making a positive difference in the old world for God’s grand plan in my humble opinion.

Each to their own.

Let the poor businesses and crap people who treat their customers and other people unwisely continue to go out of business and lose their jobs.

Markets will take them out of the equation.

If you’re good enough and treat people with the appropriate respect your customers will come back and you wont get messed up by messing with the wrong people, word to the wise but once again, each to their own.

All in all, as Christmas comes lets be thankful for what we have which I’m sure if you look around you will be able to see.

It’s good to be alive this year. Breath to breath.

We are only promised today after all.

Not tomorrow.

2020 proved that. Rest in peace to all who lost their lives this year.

In a shocking year for all sports boxing fought back and rallied well near the end.

All things considering.

It needs to keep it going and pick things up as same in the new year.


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