Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Result Leaves People Stunned But Content

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr Result Leaves People Stunned But Content

In an event that reached far outside just boxing fans and rather to the wider sporting and entertainment public Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones proved a big hit.

Just what I like to see when promoters are looking to activate new demographics.

While not screwing up the boxing brand as a sport (the sweet science and the noble art) to the regular audience at the same time.

Straight away seeing Snoop Dog on the commentary team raised an eyebrow.

Then later performing the Next Episode (minus the good doctor — still good though!) won me over straight away anyway.

Unreal and a nice surprise!

Then, you had some of the Showtime guys involved and Sugar Ray Leonard on the broadcast team too — just something very uniquely pulled together really.

Excellent production.

And delivery and execution too in many ways.


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Just briefly, summarizing upon a quick analysis of what I observed.

A real coming together of old school and new school American sports entertainment.

These mini-music concerts in between boxing matches on fight cards could be quite good moving forward.

Certainly potential there.

Indeed Premier Boxing Champions had dabbled with this in the past.

Matter of fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland’s Al Haymon (a successful music businessman) had something to do with tonight.

Tonight appeared like boxing meeting the entertainment and music world more than I can recall in recent memory.

Ah yeah, I can see what’s happening here now. Very good. Nicely played.

Wins for Badou Jack and that YouTube fella Jake Paul led into the main event.


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Furthermore, prior to Tyson vs Jones Jr it was also nice to see the additional prevailing values in the production of the American national anthem played.

Particularly after a difficult year for the greatest country in the world. Nice touch.

Then the big one that everyone was waiting for came.

The first round Tyson came out fast as expected.

Backing Jones up behind the jab while Jones tried to walk him onto a right hand.

Jones was already breathing heavy after the very first round.

Tyson clocked Jones with a left hook and right hand in the second.


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Jones was already very tired by the looks of things.

As the bout progressed Tyson began to close in it appeared.

If there was a scorecard then perhaps Tyson deserved to get the win to be fair.

Actually he definitely deserved to win in fairness.

However it was an exhibition and the result at the end was a draw.

There was a feeling of surprise by many but in a weird way perhaps the first time ever people were content with seeing a draw.

Even still the right move. A fitting end.

Neither legend got hurt.

Both made money.

Some funds were raised for charity.

A fun night was delivered.

Oh, and those goons in California at the Athletic Commission didn’t screw anything up.

Everyone walked away healthy.

Very good night of entertainment in fairness.

I said beforehand that people would be entertained and given value for money.

Well. Surely both departments were checked tonight.

Fair play to both gents.

Two guys that showed age is just a number and inspired many.

Well, certainly Mike with how hard he trained for the fight.

Pre-fight Mike said that it was his belief that the man that tries in life cant be stopped.

Post-fight perhaps looking at the evolution of Mike Tyson as a man you could say tonight represented a lot for him.

The end of a traumatic individual who was once gripped by the deepness darkness of addiction and trauma.

Both of which now resolved and annihilated.

Now a new improved version of himself. A better man than he was yesterday.

Sometimes in life no matter how painful something is you must cut a part of yourself off.

Whether a limb to be cut or otherwise in order to grow.

Appropriate to move on and ultimately get closer to God.

The man who stops at nothing can’t be stopped.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones showed that tonight.

Full credit to both fighters.

In conclusion tonight represented something kind of different.

Hard to sum it up in a way.

Very unique.

That space that can’t be defined.

Nor labeled by current human comprehension, international legal realms, conventional intellect or perceived international cultural understandings.

Rather that genius space.

That magic space that cannot be labeled.

Something that gets the masses’ attention.

Tonight did that outside of boxing.

It really, really did.

Surely a good thing for the entire sport.

Mike Tyson vs Roy jones Jr was the biggest thing trending on Twitter in the world according to reports.

Kudos once again to the two fighters.


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