Last Minute Move Made Ahead Of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Fight

Last Minute Move Made Ahead Of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Fight

Well, there has been a bit of back and forth at the last minute here.

Ahead of the big Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones exhibition in California on Saturday some changes have come.


It had been thought that knockouts were not allowed.

However in a last moment change of heart they now are.

As is often the case in boxing.

The fight’s organizers have said knockouts will be allowed now on Saturday night.

Well then.

The Athletic Commission in California — those knuckleheads who I’ll be keeping a close eye on this weekend — who I know won’t screw things up again — especially with the health on the line of two of our sport’s legends — have said they are not encouraging knockouts.

Very good.

One thing though.

I don’t know why this fight could not have happened in Texas or Las Vegas to be fair.

Sure what harm.

Good to see many people getting out of that dump New York too this year.

Another place that has been run and governed into the ground.

Good luck to getting big time boxing back there. Try to run your damn city correctly and help people there first.

Get rid of any of those people who can’t run the city anymore and get the feds to assist if needed.

I think all the big fights should be in Texas and Vegas next year to be honest.

Obviously have fights in all the States across the country too.

Maybe the mega events though best suited to those two for now with the way things are.

Two places where no s*** is taken either. Safety can be assured at the events.

With the above being said you have to realize something for Tyson vs Jones Saturday.

There’s competition at play here.

At the end of the day these are two Hall of Fame warriors.

This is a heavyweight bout between two guys who can punch.

Even at their age.

The power is the last thing to go.

If there is a knockout I just hope that both these legends come out of the ring healthy afterwards.

It would be not good to see either guy get hurt.

I’m sure all the precautions will have been taken.

Once again, hopefully that knucklehead Commission in California won’t screw things up in anyway again.

It is thought the two fighters will make a nice well deserved bit of cash for themselves too.

For all they have done for the sport for boxing they deserve every penny.

Furthermore, reportedly some is going to for charity too when all is said and done.

Always great to see too to be fair.

By the way — a big happy Thanksgiving Day today folks.

Have a safe, enjoyable and peaceful day with your loved ones.

I for one am thankful to you all, my readers and also my friends and family in America this year.

Like for most of us, a tough year but got through it. Somehow. Again. I don’t how it was possible to survive all this stuff after years of hurting myself in addiction.

Beat the p*** out of the devil and his little minions for fun again.

Hard f***** to kill I guess.

Admittedly, after being stubborn in following the path of God and following Jesus Christ I am now, and let God do the fighting for now until the final battle. Thank God for the church, can’t do it on your own.

Era, just gotta keep on keeping on and keep on trucking.

In fairness we’ve all come through a lot this year. We all have a lot to be grateful for if we are alive and healthy today.

Looking forward to next year now I must say. Starting to think more positively and live just day to day and breath to breath.

The life and times of a traveler I suppose.

A tough year for boxing as a sport. Bloody heck. We got through it though.

I wouldn’t have been able to keep this particular site going without you guys or my friends and family in America. No way.

Without my faith, or you, I would have jacked in life, destroyed this site and my work and likely many other people quite easily long ago.

Still in garbage island/dumpsville (Europe) for now.

Heck, yeah, it is a hell-hole to me but you know what, I’m grateful for now starting just short-term goals for the time being.

Getting fit and strong just for Christmas a month away the main one. Very achievable and doable too.

Apparently some fellow Irish-born c*** will be doing Christmas dinner where I am in Eastern Europe on Christmas day. That’s what I’m looking forward to now. Not many Americans here. This will do for now.

I will continue living the dream as a traveler getting by day to day until home in America and just making the days count by getting closer to God.

If the Christian girl of my dreams turns up before America awesome. If not, f*** it, will wait until back home in the good old USA to get married, settle down and jack the traveling in.

Even if she does come along she’s coming to America too.

Economy-wise tourism appears to be in the absolute s***** here in Europe.

Not surprised. This Europe gaf will burn to the ground in the coming years.

Interesting move with some of the Chinese investment into some of Europe this year. Looks shady.

I would like to see the FBI’s resources into their ongoing international investigations stepped up with more resources before the end of this quarter.

It doesn’t make sense that where this whole situation for the world started this year is currently experiencing a growth in their GDP as an economy.

Too coincidental to me.

Smells like a f****** rat to be honest.

Various ways to catch a rat. I know the good folks at the FBI will do their job in this regard.

As always, I’d prefer to see more American investment into this gutter (Europe) but should be interesting to watch the economies unravel/rebound next year in different territories.

Anyway I’m only a bleeding Irish traveler. Sure I don’t know anything.

I suppose one can watch too much of the news/trash in the media at the moment too.

A lot of the stuff business-wise we are seeing on the ground in Europe is just the usual bull, spoof and talk.

If you want customers treat the existing ones well with good service and good product.


If you don’t adios.

I can’t say I am sympathetic for s*** businesses or workers going out of business or losing jobs if they don’t treat customers with manners and well.

Respect and money are universal on Earth. Manners cost nothing either and are free. Even in these strange, weird times we are living in.

The good businesses and workers will survive.

The s***, weak and dumb ones won’t. Simple.

Just like that little American fella from New Jersey Vaynerchuk predicted a few years ago.

About time some of these bluffers were taken out of the equation. Get rid of them.

That EU thing won’t last much longer either I suspect. More garbage to be thrown in the bin.

Bluffers some of those arrogant Germans, French, Brussels etc. No time for some of them.

No chance I’d visit any of those places from here on out even if paid to go there for my advice. Nah, f*** that, respectfully, I’ll pass.

The UK will be proved right I suspect in the long-run just like they were with the pound/euro.

It could be a bit of a pain for a few years first though but long-term you either die for something or live for nothing.

For me that’s Heaven after this life, God, my family in America and boxing in it.

To others it is different always depending on the individual.

Era, isn’t that what makes the world such an interesting place after all to be fair.

For me, respectfully once again, f*** group/Socialism/Communism/Marxism mentalities.

Mindsets often cleverly disguised under modern terms that suit the world and not God like being open and open minded to new ideologies and ironically — when you break those purporting the above down– prejudice towards freedom of all religions who worship a creator/God — hypocritical of aforementioned logic even.

I respect all people and each to their own but that’s a two way street.

Having an open soul allows one to listen to your gut instinct and heart — always trust both.

Ultimately for me love conquers all and will never die. God built it that way.

Or for simpletons who are not that bright, in terms of self-defense for those that don’t believe in anything, if you don’t want your business, your job and your family to get f***** up don’t mess with other people and their families.

Very simple.

The family, capitalism and all of us being the best we can be as individuals with our God given-abilities (sometimes as part of teams but never with the group the focus) to help one another and be good to one another.

That’s enough f****** philosophy for me from here on here out.

Respectfully, once again, each to their own.

Good to see USA stock market and GDP recovering fast as I expected.

USA will recover (in many ways) by third quarter next year latest I would suggest.

All in all thanks for everything folks.

Have a great Thanksgiving Day.

Eat plenty of turkey. God is good.

Mind yourselves and stay safe.

A tough year for the world but things will get better.

Please look after yourselves, have a great day and enjoy the fight at the weekend.


Mike Tyson Makes A Bold Claim Ahead Of Roy Jones Jr Fight

Mike Tyson Makes A Bold Claim Ahead Of Roy Jones Jr Fight