Brutal Mike Tyson Sparring Story Revealed Ahead Of Roy Jones Fight

How we doing folks hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving Day holiday.

Ah yes, not long to go now until the entertainment spectacle that promises to be Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr this weekend.

While some have had not nice things to say about it, as Tyson put it himself, ignore the haters.

People are going to tune in and even though it’s guys on the wrong side of 50 they have been inspirational in how serious they have taken the endeavor.

A small number of people will always hate on confident, genuine people who believe in themselves who surround themselves with the right people and said negative people might even often say the object of their hate have big egos — or the like — to make them and those weak around them feel better about their own crappy little lives.

Era, let he who is without sin cast the first stone, as they say.

Always the same with some people like that, haters, who are of no consequence at the end of the day.

Rather than taking inspiration and enjoying something like this weekend’s boxing event.

Look, take it for what it is. Sports and entertainment converging with positive charitable consequences post-event.

Fair play to two of them.

It has been revealed by former champion and long-time friend of Tyson, Zab Judah, that Tyson has been taking things deadly serious:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Hope he had a good dentist.

There you have it.

Look, if Mike was to viciously flatten Roy in the first round the main thing is that the appropriate medical professionals are on hand.

Which, I’m sure they will be, as those Californian Athletic Commission morons can’t afford to screw things up again this year.

What will happen on Saturday night?

Who knows to be fair.

One thing I think most can guarantee however.

Entertainment and value for money.



Last Minute Move Made Ahead Of Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Fight

Last Minute Move Made Ahead Of Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Fight