Shawn Porter Brutally Honest About Crawford Knocking Out Brook

Shawn Porter Brutally Honest About Crawford Knocking Out Brook

Welterweight Shawn Porter had been linked with a possible fight against pound for pound star Terence Crawford in the not too distant past.

And, no doubt he will be looking for one again in the near future.

For now though — following Crawford’s instinctive finish over the UK’s Kell Brook in round 4 this weekend in Las Vegas — a Manny Pacquiao fight for Crawford in 2021 in Qatar seems the most likely option.

Having fought Kell Brook in the past Porter knew a thing or two going into this past weekend’s big fight and was in a unique position to give insight before and after.

Following the bout Porter gave a straight to the point but compelling synopsis of what he saw by his two fellow welterweight competitors:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Indeed last weekend appeared to be a slow and steady chess match until the finish where both guys were trying to time each other.

While some have suggested Brook might be done at the top level in boxing realistically he’s not.

If he were to return at super-welterweight he is a monster for that division (154 lbs) but the problem is the big fights likely are either still at welterweight or middleweight for him.

Time will tell.

Great take from Porter above. His punditry has been quite good this year I thought.

Particularly his new podcast. Certainly a career for him after his fight career in the ring ends.


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