54-Year-Old Mike Tyson Reveals Beast Shape For Roy Jones Fight

54-Year-Old Mike Tyson Reveals Beast Shape For Roy Jones Fight

November 28th in California later this month will see the meeting of two legends of the sport of boxing.

Youngest heavyweight champion in history Mike Tyson will do battle with only one of two men in Roy Jones to win world titles at middleweight and heavyweight as a professional fighter.

Granted, both are in their later years and yes, it is an exhibition, but the seriousness in which both have clearly taken the endevor has peaked interest around the world.

Jones has been showing a lot of speed for a man of his age and Tyson is still a big hitter.

The power is always the last thing to go as they say.

In his latest photo shoot for the bout Tyson has shown himself to be in monster shape for November 28th:


Inspiring stuff to be fair.

Between these two old warriors and in particular the young champions that have broke through in the sport this year both have been inspirational for the entire sport of boxing in a grim year.

I can only speak for myself but without doubt 2020 on balance looking at things around the world has had to be one of the worst years for humanity in some time.

I’m just at the stage now after falling off the wagon in addiction again recently (but now finally overcome it I believe deep in my heart I can say for the first time after years and years of hurting myself with hundreds, possibly thousands of addictions) after trying my best to be around strangers and new people I don’t know one last time, that without doubt, I just can never do that ever again and I can’t be around strangers anymore as it just causes me to go drinking as making new friends is no longer of interest. I am happy with what I have at this point.

If I died today I’d die a happy and at peace man.

God made me as strong and as intelligent combined as it perhaps is possible to make a man in all ways as humanly possible.

But, he balanced it out to keep me in check with the daily things I need to do to fight addiction as perhaps one of the most addictive personalities you’ll come across according to the old science stuff for INTJ personality.

The head can tell one things but the heart never lies. Always listen to your heart on the big things in life. Don’t believe the hype of the world. I’ve seen it all.

Keeping the circle small, the bible, boxing and my own people the only things I found in the end that worked in this recovery.

Some of those 12 stepper people some of the most (very) subtly shady people I have come across in some time — can see why their once used program is in such rapid decline now all around the world with a failure rate as high as 95% by their own human comprehended definition.

Everything else no good and just did harm rather than helped. Always, always listen to your gut instincts in the end.

Anything or anyone that did me or anyone around me harm in the past I didn’t bother taking action, legally or otherwise against in the end, which would have been too easy.

I just moved on in truth as life was too short to waste it on some bums who’ll get nothing off me or my time even again and they’ll be bloody lucky at that.

As 2020 comes to a close, this Bulgaria place okay so far but done me more harm than good first few months, finally got proper internet though so all good.

We’ll finish the year strong on here and no doubt the sport will too.

Just got to get back on the horse at the gym and just looking to get through this bleeding Christmas and head home to America as soon as possible in the future.

That’s it for new people now unless a Christian woman or people referred to me by my own people. I give up on letting new people into my circle and life now.

Done. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. The devil has always been a liar since the start of time, after all, he was always a coward and the father of lies since the beginning, that old serpent Satan, the bum will get his a** kicked at the end.

He is irrelevant though and these days I just let God do the fighting in a strange time that we all find ourselves living in at the moment with weird demonic evil forces, division and various forms of deception all at play.

They won’t win in the end though. No chance. God does and so do the good guys.

At any rate, stuck in this hell hole for Christmas but what harm — it’s not that bad in fairness — it could be worse.

Only fear God now and as Muhammad Ali is once said — don’t count the days make the days count.

We must all keep positive and keep the faith in times like this.

At times like this around the world for people remember the fight isn’t over until the end.

The good guys always win in the end. God knows it.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones above have been an inspiration in this comeback fight.

Who knows how it will play out.

I sense it won’t be much of an exhibition mind you once that first clean dig lands.

The old competitive fighting instincts will kick in.

Bring it on.

Mind yourself folks and stay safe.


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