George Foreman Reveals His Greatest Achievement In Boxing

george foreman reveals his greatest achievement in boxing

Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history and born again Christian George Foreman has achieved a lot in the sport.

The aforementioned feat as a professional still holding true to this day.

Before becoming the oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history Foreman dedicated himself to God for many years.

A transformative wisdom informed process for a man to this day regarded as one of the sport’s greatest.

A shining example not only for the entire sport but more importantly as a follower and servant of Jesus Christ.

When asked on Twitter by a fan what was it that he viewed as his greatest achievement in the sport the answer was not one attained as a professional fighter.

Rather he said:

“Winning the Gold medal was so special; I didn’t know till then dreams come true. I still lean on this for comfort.”

Often times, particularly in recent years, the amateur code for the sport of boxing and the professional code have grown further apart.

However, without amateur grass roots boxing there would be no stars of the future.

No future world champions.

Amateur boxing still to this day does so much more good than many other sports than it ever gets the credit for.

Teaching discipline, respect and many other life long invaluable lessons to those who experience it.

While the Olympics this year in 2020 has been put back for now due to crowds not be able to attend due to the world situation its importance for the sport should not be disregarded.

The stars of tomorrow still need it as a platform and fundamental development tool on guidance eventually to becoming a professional fighter.

For a look back on Foreman’s greatest achievement in boxing check it out here:


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