Controversial sweet science figure and four-weight world champion Adrien Broner is back at home in Miami following a brief stint in the slammer.

Broner has had a few woes outside the ring in recent years but seems to always nonetheless get himself involved in big fights.

Or at least spoken about being potentially involved in big fights.

He’s still a big name and gets people talking in the American boxing landscape it would seem.

Speaking on last weekend’s round 4 win for Terence Crawford over Kell Brook in Las Vegas Broner said on Instagram live:

“Terence looked good. He looked real good. The first few rounds were kind of a chess match. Kell Brook came in with a good game plan but Terence made his adjustments and landed a good shot and got him out of there.”

It is unclear when Broner will return to the ring.

A fight with someone like Crawford seems a long way for now.

Back to basics Broner. Get back in the bloody gym (and stay in it) and drop some weight.

No business fiighting at welterweight.

Lightweight or super-lightweight enough.

All in all, this weekend showed Crawford to be surely one of the very best in the sport today pound for pound.

Hopefully he gets the big fights in the new year that he deserves.


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