Deontay Wilder Reveals 3 Next Fights He Wants If No Tyson Fury

Deontay Wilder Reveals 3 Possible Opponents For 2021 If No Tyson Fury

It is thought there is a chance that Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder 3 could be back on next year.

Pending the outcome of a legal mediation process being conducted by a gentleman by all accounts with intimate familiar of the legalities required in such contract disputes in the sport in the relevant State jurisdiction.

The result should be known soon but former WBC champion Wilder is forging ahead with ideas for opponents if he can’t get a shot at his old belt from Fury.

Speaking on the Last Stand Podcast Wilder said:

“I want Dillian Whyte. I want Dillian Whyte and I want Dillian Whyte. The dude is obsessed with me. He acts like we had a bad break up and he can’t get over me. I’m the man that he wants to be.”

Certainly it was a fight for some time that Whyte was terribly denied by the WBC.

Possibly one of the worst injustices in modern boxing history how he was forced to sit on the sidelines for years without a shot at Wilder.

The story line from that alone would be big.

Their two fight styles with the explosiveness of them would be excellent.

The character clash in the build up considerable.

Also, they could fight in the UK and USA and build both guys’ fan bases on either side of the pond a bit more.

Very good fight in fairness.

Time will tell.

Say what you want about Wilder, his recent comments and in particular the dismissal of a man who trained him like Mark Breland — who loved him and had his best interests at heart — Wilder is still the biggest puncher in boxing.

Still a draw.


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