Errol Spence Reacts To Terence Crawford Stopping Kell Brook

Errol Spence Reacts To Terence Crawford Stopping Kell Brook

Pound for pound boxing rankings will have shifted in the eyes of some once again this weekend.

Following one of the sport’s best fighter’s latest win in Las Vegas.

Terence ‘Bud’ Crawford stopped Kell Brook inside four rounds on Saturday night to retain his world title.

He can now forge ahead to possible big fights in 2021.

One of which being against fellow pound for pound rated and American boxing star Errol Spence Jr.

A long mooted fight between the two has however proved difficult to make.

Perceived politics getting in the way of the fight have blocked things to now.

One gets the sense now though that the timing could be right for such a bout in 2021.

On the Crawford victory over Brook at the weekend Spence didn’t appear to be too impressed:

Brook did have some decent moments in the early rounds to be fair but once Crawford found his range the show was over.

Excellent range, hand speed, timing and display of finishing at the time of stoppage.

Styles make fights and a Spence match for Crawford would be a totally different ball game.

Can it be made is the thing though.

After the fight Crawford talked about a possible Manny Pacquiao fight in the middle East next year if the logistics can be worked out.

It is thought the fight had to be shelved for now due to the world situation preventing live crowds taking place over there for the fight.

Why bother with the middle East however if places at home like the State of Texas are already allowing some live crowds for fights?

Particularly with Spence being a Texan too? Imagine the buzz and draw in Texas for this fight?

This has been one of the big stories in my view in recent times in American sports that has gone under the radar.

Not gotten enough credit for in my opinion.

Huge respect to the Texans letting big boxing events recently go on in front of crowds with the proper protocols and safety controls in place.

Spence vs Crawford in Texas in 2021 would be epic if it could be done.

Spence of course has a tough fight on his hands in the form of Danny Garcia next up.

No forgone conclusion.

Particularly as Spence will fight for the first time since a car accident too.

After a life and death situation one never knows how the body or mind will react in anything again on the comeback trail.

This will be a huge mental and physical test for Spence who’s going in with a respected warrior at 147lbs in Garcia.

If he were to look good and beat Garcia in style — inevitably calls for the Crawford fight will come again.

Louder than ever.

That’s the fight fans want to see between the two best welterweights in the world.

A fight between guys in their prime and rated pound for pound as some of the best in boxing today.

Why bother with fights in the middle East if it can be done at home in Texas?

Crucially on US time too — not on a foreign time zone.

This in particular would please networks like ESPN and Fox far more than holding a fight on a different time zone in some place like Asia or Europe.

This is a fight between two of the great American boxers of this generation and two of the best fighters pound for pound on Earth today.

America is where the fight should be.

It’s the fight people want to see.

Time will tell if they get it.


The Moment Terence Crawford Stopped Kell Brook

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