Mayweather Makes Good Point On The Problem With Boxing – 1 Solution

the problem with boxing

The Problem With Boxing, That Old Chestnut

Ah, this again.

This nonsense has been wrecking my head for years now.

All these belts that claim to represent the World Championship.

Super this, interim that.

Diamond this, regular that.


It used to be where the World Champion was seen as a prestigious honor in sport.

Certainly the Heavyweight Championship.

Nowadays everyone’s a champion. It don’t make no sense.

Floyd Mayweather has sounded off on the issue ahead of Gervonta Davis vs Leo Santa Cruz.

Live on Showtime at the end of the month.

He said he wants to clean it up.

Well, I’d like to see how, Floyd.

The Problem With Boxing

He did so as well as having enough humility to admit he and his own company were part of the symptoms of this decrepit disease in the sport.

Look, boxing has other obstacles in it too.


That said this is the main one.

Look, here’s an idea and heck, maybe I don’t know anything.

But here’s to ya.

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Someone or an entity just buy all these governing bodies out worldwide.

It wouldn’t cost the vast sums some have suggested. The value is in the promotional contracts.

Buying all the main promoters out however would be too expensive.

But say, for example — someone or some group of entities — even a government agency — bought the belt companies out.

Then what.

Well, give them all jobs in one new company.

A world boxing rankings company responsible for one belt organization.

The rankings transparently communicated on a media level how fighters climb the rankings and fight for the title.

One champion on top of it.

Then, monetize this company by various means.

Including then, having say, the top five promotional companies in the sport pay 5-7 per cent annually of their revenue to this agency or company.

Or visa versa with a percentage of ticket sales from events.

I’d suggest they’d make the revenue back ten fold and more.

After the sport was cleaned up like this inside one to two years.

The Problem With Boxing Can Be Turned Into A Positive

The sport and the derived revenues both direct and ancillary it generates would increase consequently.

Certainly it would be easier to market, promote boxing and sell fights then for everyone involved.

Then, have said entity or agency report to one National Combat Sports Commission in the USA.

Get this group to oversee it and regulate it properly — reporting to the federal government quarterly on progress made governed by various KPI’s, measurable goals and targets.

Then, get some intelligent knucklehead — but a guy who doesn’t take any guff off any of these promoters — to run it.

A National Commissioner, if you will.

Similar to the NBA and NFL, thus restoring more credibility to boxing as a major sport.

Keep all the existing Athletic Commissions but have them report into the National Federal Commission.



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Report said efforts to the US government on the new initiative transparently and honestly in phase 1.

Phase two and three in subsequent years could include more of an alignment with both professional and amateur boxing as codes as a result of said efforts in the business end of the sport.

Boxing is an important sport for humanity and the USA.

It gives people hope at the highest level to become champion of the world in their own endeavors in life.

And, at a grass roots level, the sweet science installs discipline, respect, humility, ethics and morals in their wider communities in all nations.

That’s it.

I’ve had enough of these diluted alphabet world championships for now.

This current modus operandi in boxing has to change for the good and positive of the sport long-term.

Let’s use this garbage year to take stock, analyze, chop it up and cut this issue out.

Once and for all.

On a positive note, then, move forward.

God is good.

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