Watch: Canelo Puts Ryan Garcia Through His Paces For Luke Campbell

Canelo Puts Ryan Garcia Through His Paces For Luke Campbell

Undefeated boxing sensation Ryan Garcia is in deep preparation for his upcoming fight with Luke Campbell of the UK.

The pair will fight on December 5th in Indio.

A great fight in fairness and by far the toughest test of the young Garcia’s career to date.

The match making in boxing has really been excellent in recent times thus far.

These are the fights that fans want to see and it’s great to see them being made.

Boxing pound for pound superstar Canelo Alvarez no less is getting involved in helping one of the fight’s participants.

Here he shows Garcia some drills ahead of the clash:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Great stuff.

What a fight we have in store.

An excellent one to look forward to in the coming weeks without doubt.

Say what you will about the darkness of 2020 — American boxing is finishing on a real high this year.

Kudos to all involved.

Many fighters are really stepping up and taking on the toughest challenges out there.

Very refreshing to see.

On a quick travel note, doing good again folks — will be back on this site more often.

Got through some health challenges recently. Stronger than ever, somehow, did 550 lbs. on the leg press recently. I honestly don’t know how it was even possible after this year.

Anyway, doing good again here in good old Bulgaria for the moment. Yeah, okay so far. We’ll see.

Nice bit of fresh air here in fairness. Unless I’m getting paid to go to cities again no more cities for me, suburbs would be enough. Very grateful to some of the help I got while being stuck here also.

Another Christmas away from home in America soon will be tough. Not looking forward to it.

That said, we’ve come through worse though, we’ll be grand. Come too far to turn back or give up now.

Who knows, might get lucky and meet a good Christian woman over here but the English speaking Christian women (of any denomination) are thin on the ground in Eastern Europe. Damn language barrier.

We will just keep on trucking towards the light home in America.

My assessment of Europe thus far this year is it doesn’t look too bright in the future for it to be honest.

Not impressed with much of Europe anymore.

Perhaps I’ve just become too Americanized with all my work and all my loved ones who are now pretty much family being in America at this point.


Shawn Porter Reaction To Lopez vs Lomachenko As Expert As It Comes

Shawn Porter Reaction To Lopez Vs Lomachenko As Expert As It Comes

In truth, from my perspective, this Europe joint is becoming a spiritual wasteland in some ways and it’s hard to meet English-speaking believers in any form of Christianity. Certainly on the continent.

Just the usual bluffers and fakes that as you get older in life it’s very to easy to see through.

Even after effort and trying out one of these European coworking space things, which were very helpful and good people, I can’t say I learned anything new at all, or got anything knowledge wise out of it, or really got anything out of it to be fair, just some Europeans working remotely trying their best in fairness to them.

Have heard and seen it all now. Met some cool and good people though to be fair on this trip so far.

All in all, respectfully, this Europe dump just ain’t America though for me. No way no how. Each to their own, mind.

I will keep travelling and keep on trucking for now.

I’d imagine if I’m still stuck here in this Europe dump this time next year I and this website will be destroyed but will keep up the prayer and positivity.

It’s all we can do — as well as hard work and dedication in a year like this.

Bulgaria very good though — just the language barrier in some parts. Can’t wait to head home to America at some point, just got to get through this upcoming Christmas first.

For now, mind yourselves folks and continue to do the right things at the moment.

Things will get better, they always do. The good guys always win in the end.

Enjoy what is going to be an epic end to the year for the sport of boxing.

Really though, when you look at it. There’s a lot to be grateful for in American boxing at the moment.

The young blood that has come through this year across the board has been outstanding to see.

It really has.

Also, the viewing figures for Lopez vs Lomachenko just gone at the weekend were superb.

Some are expecting the total number to be over 4 million when considering linear and digital platforms on ESPN.

That’s the power of taking quality fights off of pay per view. Pay Per view should be used wisely and not over used.

Teofimo Lopez’ star was really born this weekend because of his performance on ESPN non pay per view channels.

That is what grows the sport at the end of the day.

So many more great fights to look forward to before the year is out.

Roll on.


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