George Foreman Finally Reveals The Fighter He Was Most Afraid Of

George Foreman Finally Reveals The Fighter He Feared Most and Why

Fear is a useful man-made concept that acts well for humans in all areas of life if channeled and applied appropriately.

Oldest heavyweight champion in boxing history George Foreman once said that the reason Muhammad Ali beat him in the iconic ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ was because Ali had fear of him.

Defining fear however can differ.

Obviously no fighter is afraid of getting hurt in the ring. He’d be in the wrong place otherwise.

More often the boxer fears defeat itself for a multitude of reasons.

Former heavyweight champion George Foreman has revealed after all this time who the boxer he feared most was.

And why.

The answer might surprise some:

Frazier may have been a giant slayer at the time but Foreman overcame this.

In some fashion too.

One of the most devastating and quickest wins in a high profile heavyweight title fight involving two legends of the sport in history.

Here’s the moment Foreman lifted Frazier off his feet:

What a punch.

What a moment in boxing’s history.

Foreman showing that fear after all is nothing.

Butterflies before any big fight surely an important thing for any fighter.


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