Watch: Mike Tyson Reveals The Old Combinations For Roy Jones Jr

Mike Tyson Reveals The Old Combinations For Roy Jones Jr

Call me sentimental, but heck, sometimes things happen in life that circumvent science and conventional logic.

At least that of which is acknowledged via latest human comprehension substantiated and referenced from systems originating in laws derived from ancient scripture, in the beginning.

Sometimes, just sometimes, magic can happen. That positive space where wisdom is required for understanding.

Some might also refer to it as genius, too, I don’t know.

That magic happens every now and again in life that I would suggest is temporal and although timing and luck some humans may advise as a result of therein, I believe that some things just can’t be explained.

To me, that’s God but respectfully, to others, it might be something different.

Era, I suppose I’ve never been one for Marxism or this new group think culture emerging in society. I’m the type of guy who likes being around his own people and family, while respectful of all people in all nations here on Earth and believe you choose your friends or those you surround yourself with.

An old Irish fella used to say you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.

I truly believe we are all put on this Earth as individuals to be the best we can be with the God given abilities we all have. Good people are more powerful than they even know they are.

Sports, particularly boxing, offer a vehicle, perhaps even an operating system that allows for this to be translated unilaterally better than anywhere in my view.

The magic involved in the sport of boxing allows people on Earth to believe and trust in sometimes, just sometimes, that the magic it and of itself can actually happen and is very, very real, let me tell ya.

Alas, the Marquess of Queensberry under professional fighting rules when they were first drawn up in 1865, and America separately, have both been important in this regard for humanity since their inceptions in my humble opinion.

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Boxing gives hope and is an important sport for humanity for many reasons per the aforementioned. I’d sign an affidavit on it.

Humans require hope in order to preserve, overcome and thrive as viewed subjectively within their own core individual sphere of beliefs and value systems.

Something they can’t explain, if you will. After all, it is humans’ light and great strength within them that brings about any fear at all.

In boxing — some fighters just have that ‘it’ factor.

They can really, really fight.


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Mike Tyson was one of them.

In his prime he was able to create that aura, that mystique, that magic — that got the masses tuning in to his fights.

A uniquely aligned warrior at peak with a talent to seek and destroy that had not been seen before.

Within an unusually short frame for a heavyweight, moreover.

At a very young age, too, still the youngest heavyweight champion in history.

A fight-style honed under the guidance of Cus D’Amato (rest in peace) but ultimately on fight night an ability to create that magic.

Tyson knocked people out with one dig a lot of times.


But as is always the case in the sweet science, as in life, there’s a little bit more to it than that.

His combinations in his younger days were as free-flowing as mountain water rapids in their nature — despite being systematic and numeric based in issuance by his trainers, paradoxically.

Ahead of his fight with fellow boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. next month Mike has been looking to bring them back.

To bring back, just a little bit of that intangible stuff.

Even at his advanced age through hard work, dedication and (a lot of) modern science involved:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Fair play, Mike.

As previously mentioned, this year has been a dark one for humanity but sports particularly sports like boxing — offer people worldwide hope.

Perhaps then, therefore, even older combatants like this in Mike Tyson and Roy Jones stepping in there for old times next month is a good thing.

It’s making folks believe in that old magic again and while, look, it obviously won’t be vintage by both guys — it still carries a lot of intrigue.

Both gents have got themselves into legitimate fight shape thus far and have inspired a lot of people by this endeavor.

Nothing wrong with that.

Carry on gentlemen.


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