Ah yes, fight week.

It’s the fight that many pure sweet science fanatics have been looking forward to.

Particularly during a bleak and grim time for the sport this year, America and the world for obvious reasons.

This weekend in Las Vegas pound for pound Ukrainian genius Vasyl Lomachenko goes back to work.

He does battle with standout rising star Teofimo Lopez of the USA.

It really is an unbelievable fight weighing things up.

Indicative of the nature of matchmaking required herein moving forward in the current climate for sports fans.

A contest of an experienced champion in Lomachenko (32) taking on a hungry young undefeated star nine years his junior in Lopez (23).

Perhaps one could suggest that it is a fight of skilled technical experience against fearless athletic youth.

Upon further inspection, though, as is always the case at the highest level of this beautiful sport, the answer can often be a little different on the day itself.

Lomachenko has shown in the past that he is not infallible to being hurt and if there is any chink in his armor, in recent times that is, maybe, just maybe, his tenacity has waned ever so slightly.

An aggressive counter puncher at his core — who can press the action if needed — hang back if he wants to — a man who can do it all really — one suspects he knows what he’s in against in Lopez mind you — and that he won’t have taken his eye off the ball here.

Ahead of this weekend’s fight some of the biggest name trainers have given their opinion:

(Hat tip Fight Hype YouTube)

Enjoy this weekend’s big fight.


Lomachenko vs Lopez Lights The Way Home Out Of Darkness In Barbaric 2020

Lomachenko Vs Lopez Lights The Way Home Out Of Darkness In Barbaric 2020