Lomachenko vs Lopez Lights The Way Home Out Of Darkness In Barbaric 2020 - Boxing News and Views

Lomachenko vs Lopez Lights The Way Home Out Of Darkness In Barbaric 2020

Lomachenko vs Lopez Lights The Way Home Out Of Darkness In Barbaric 2020

Hello, ladies and gents.

Excuse the delay on getting back on here.

Have had to come through some physical and mental health challenges in recent weeks coming to you live in Bulgaria.

As you know, we always come back stronger.

Anyway, as all the doom and gloom continues to surround our sport in boxing amid the ongoing decrepit and poor outlook in all nations on Earth for obvious reasons, I thought it was about time to come back into the boxing game.

Ahead of, lets be honest, an unbelievable fight.

Vasyl Lomachenko vs Teofimo Lopez ticks all the boxes for fight fans soon and not being on pay per view is a real treat in fairness.

Hat tip to Top Rank and Bob Arum for making it happen.

Putting Lopez in there with one of the best boxers of this generation is a huge gamble and one that could cripple him frankly.

That said, boxing needs these kind of fights now.

Boxing fans need it.

Damn it, I need it at the moment.

What a crap year for the sport.

I’ve been keeping an eye on things as usual from a distance amid the lack of big American action.

Seeing Mikaela Mayer, Stephen Espinoza and recently Eddie Hearn getting this damn virus took the wind out of my sails a smidge.

Boxing, the boxers and people connected with the sport this year have been battered by 2020.

As of, in truth, all sports have.

Just in Bulgaria at the moment.

Beautiful country in the mountains in the fresh air.

Other than some bum and his weird girlfriend talking perverted crap and then taking my Jesus Christ cross off my neck in a pub (which I retrieved luckily for him), which, I didn’t deck him for and did the right thing and walked away, this place has been okay.

Bar some minor health challenges getting here from smelly Budapest in the beginning, that is.

I’ll reserve my judgement until my property arrives here soon that I ordered but these Bulgarians have been okay for the most part other than that disrespect to Ireland, the Irish people’s accent and my country the above time.

No funeral for him, his girlfriend or me anyway, I decided to walk away in the end.

But God help him if I see him or her, or, anyone who disrespects Ireland here again.

In the end, God wants us to give unintelligent simpletons a pass I’m starting to think now – but there’s a limit to everything.

Miss my people and my army to be honest but I know they are coming soon.

By the way, this Brexit crap is total cobblers.

Can’t believe this is bringing up all the old stuff and demons again in recent weeks between Ireland and England.

To some of the goons back home, don’t forget, Irish and British people are linked more through blood and family than most admit.

I know the powers that be won’t change the common travel and living arrangements between the two countries irrespective of what transpires in the EU.

If anyone has any problems with the above statement about families between Irish and English people, they can take it up with me personally.

Met some absolute Dimond English and German people out here though in Bulgaria. Even a funny loud mouth New Yorker.

Bloody New Yorkers, you haunt me all around the globe you annoying loveable bums.

Can’t wait to see you all again one day back home in America, on the West coast most likely.

Maybe Texas now I’m starting to think, being watching a lot of Walker Texas Ranger on terrible Bulgarian TV lately. Chuck Norris, legend.

Anyway, all in all, what a crap year though. Garbage. Not impressed.

At least, for us boxing fans, we can look forward to something bright in Lopez vs Lomachenko to carry us out into hopefully, some light.

Keep the faith.

Good people are under attack this year from weird evil forces in the world.

Call it what you will.

I know, for me at least, I need all of God’s army to surround me now in a strange time here in Bulgaria.

Admittedly, this last 18 months or so has been like starting life all over again from complete scratch, only learning to tie a tie for the first time earlier this year in my 30s haha.

Cheers YouTube.

Anyway, moving on, keep safe folks wherever you are on Earth.

Have no fear.

Rest assured, things well get better.

Enjoy the upcoming fight, ladies and gents.

Boxing ain’t going nowhere.