Watch: Mike Tyson Nearly Decapitates Trainer Ahead of Roy Jones Bout

Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are in full training mode ahead of their exhibition bout later this year.

Although well past their primes and on the other side of 50, the buzz that this match up has stirred up among boxing and casual sports fans alike has been palpable.

In their active boxing careers both fighters had a sense of magic about their work.

All be it for different reasons.

Tyson with that ability to knock people out and end a fight with one punch.

Jones with his memorizing ability to move, evade punches and unorthodox fight skills often ending in impressive knockouts as well.

Ahead of the fight this video of Tyson nearly taking his coach’s head clean off his shoulders while working the pads shows he’s taking things seriously:

Almost the sign of a man preparing for full on combat, not an exhibition.

Jones has also been putting in the work on his part recently too:

As things stand the fight is set for November 28th.

It is understood that it had been pushed back originally due to parties involved wanting more time to promote it.

All in all, something that has certainly gotten people talking in a tough year for the sport of boxing.


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