Mike Tyson Reveals Don King Limo Street Fight Story On The Highway

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson has lived the life of many people.

A story inside the ring only equalled by outside of it.

The wisdom that produced over the years in his books and now his podcast from such a life speaks for itself.

Speaking on his podcast with Showtime announcer Jim Grey recently he went into detail on something that happened between him and his old promoter Don King.

Someone Tyson had gotten even with in more ways than one due to perceived infractions between the two men in business.

I recall Mike speaking about how he battered King to a bloody mess in California when he got him one to one when no one was looking.

Something he had quietly and patiently waited for years to do until the moment came to get even with his old promoter.

Obviously King didn’t go to the police after, wisely, and took a rather severe beating and head stomping by all accounts.

However, there was another time that Tyson looked to take things to the streets with his old promoter who’s security guard even got flattened it turns out.

Speaking on his podcast Tyson explained:

“We’re driving (on the freeway) and next thing I know I freaked out and I kicked the guy (Don King’s driver). As soon as I kicked him in the back of the head he puts on the breaks. As soon as we stop, I’m beating him in the car (Don in the front seat). I’m trying to get the girl in front seat to hold him so I can get him in the front seat so he can’t run because I couldn’t get (hit) him the way I wanted to.”

He added:

“As soon as I let him go he got out of the car. No, no, I tried to run across and he did a little back turn and got back in the front — drove off and left me on the high way. Yeah!”

He went on to further say:

“No, no, no. Check this out. Alright. I’m on the highway. So when he (King) gets down there he gets real far, lets the people I was with out of the car — my girlfriend and my other friend. So they’re walking up the highway while cars are coming down to get me. Then, so one of his security guys in a Rolls Royce comes, he thinks we’re stuck on the road. He pulls over and I’m mad because he’s Don’s security guard so I give him a shot. Pow. He’s out cold right in the middle of the street.

He added:

“A police car comes. The guy is out. His shoes. I have cocaine and marijuana in a box that my girlfriend was holding. The guy puts us in the car and brings us to the hotel and asks me, are you okay Mr. Tyson? Thank you very much officer (I replied).”

He went on:

“F****** bricks of cocaine and marijuana everything I got in there. He took us to the hotel. I should be in handcuffs. Somebody is out cold on the highway! He did’t ask me s***! I’m thinking he’s taking us to the police station… He took us right to the hotel…”

Reconciling that crazy lifestyle and vicious ruthless side to his personality, Tyson at the end of the podcast had a powerful moment where he simply put:

“We’re all going to bow down to God.”

Wow, good humility from Tyson and testament to where he is today in comparison to before.

Although Tyson has had a number of books one gets the impression that he has plenty more of them in him with stories like that.

In recent times Tyson has also been promoting an exhibition with Roy Jones Jr before the year is out.

Something that has been put back for now but expect to hear more about it soon.

A bout although touted as an exhibition something many think Tyson could do serious damage to Jones in.


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