George Foreman’s Brilliant Response To When He Dropped Gerry Cooney

Ah yeah, in a year that has seen some real carnage and wreckage for the world — boxing appears to be trying to end the year strong to be fair.

Boxing will never die. Don’t worry about that.

For the world 2020 has been a write off in many regards.

Unfortunately, I get the sense the next decade could be even tougher for the world.

There’s always positives. Particularly if you’re a boxing nut.

Boxing has always survived, come through the tough times and managed to keep reinventing itself over the years.

Time and time again.

Mainly in part to the outstanding talent of fighters that has continuously flowed through the sport’s ranks.

Year after year. Decade after decade.

Indeed, oldest heavyweight champion in history and born again Christian George Foreman being one of them.

In a mad time for the world where negativity has been able to influence large masses of the more frail and weak elements of human minds out there, George Foreman like many of us has been unaffected when all is said and done.

He’s kept things light here referencing one of his most famed bouts. Not a bad thing surely for the year that’s in it.

Speaking on the time he dropped Gerry Cooney, Foreman had this to say:

Good stuff.

You’ve got to be able to laugh at yourself at times in life. Life is too short for anger and wrath after all.

The best general and commander of any army never pulls the trigger at the end of the day.

As for the shot above, some punch to be fair.

As regards the moment he spoke of with boxing legend and in general, legend of humanity and a champion warrior of God, Muhammad Ali.

At the risk of getting battered — here is that legendary fight he spoke of:

For current matters of business boxing should end 2020 well with some outstanding fights.

Lomachenko vs Lopez, Davis vs Santa Cruz, the Povetkin vs Whyte rematch, Fury vs Wilder and Joshua vs Pulev to name a few.

For any new business in 2021 talks of boxing promoters sitting down to make big fights more is encouraging too.

Gentlemen, f*** the egos. Get it done. F*** um all. Carry on.

Frankly it is appropriate and necessary in getting the sport through this war-like quagmire at this particular time.

Who knows when live crowds will be back and when they do return how many fans will be allowed.

Likely to be very small numbers to be fair.

YouTube star boxing garbage aside, more legit and top quality professional cards will continue to unfold in due course.

At future dates to be determined.

In a crazy time for the world I for one am not worried about anything with my faith stronger than ever now.

The Book of Revelations at the end of the New Testament tells me all I need to know.

These days I just trust God in my heart, my gut instinct and my own people. The army of Jesus Christ is all I need.

Respectfully, each to their own. One must respect all people regardless of anything.

Love and respect conquer everything and are universal in all nations.

Era, as a man of science myself and one of these, well, according to limited human comprehension terms at least, INTJ personality type/strategist complex weirdos like that South African gentleman Elon Musk, I thought Musk put it well once, in that, love is the answer to many of the world’s problems.

I’d suggest adding the word respect to that too, though. After self sabotage and hurting myself in the past, respect is very hard earned and proved in my books and is a two way street.

I will never change my beliefs or myself for anyone. Nor should anyone. Fight to the death and that’s it, fighting is too much fun anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ You’ve got to love the everyday battle ground for the greater good — that’s life — in truth — that’s what living is ๐Ÿ™‚

No more travel for a while. A good woman, a small few real friends, good health, good work and boxing is all I need nowadays. Never settle for second best in anything though and choose you who surround yourself with wisely.

Materialistic trappings are all false crap ultimately. All in all, the army of Jesus Christ is more than enough for me these days.

Alas, on a final note on that Elon Musk gentleman, one person can’t change society’s problems but maybe they could spark the brains that do. It takes central intelligence to surround yourself with only a small few of real friends in life and limit interactions with pointless strangers after discerning motive and probable cause.

Great to see some of that Musk’s inventions in recent years to be fair. He’s doing great things you have to say. Hopefully things get better for the world soon with gentlemen like him at the cutting edge.

We’ll stick with the old boxing for now though.

Just remember — boxing is here to stay between all these issues for the world.

What a sport, still the best one in the world for me at least.

Recovering from illness at the moment with a kidney infection/kidney stones and will need to completely change my diet.

We’ll be back covering the big US boxing stories more as 2020 draws to an end.

Our work is in America and it’s as simple as that. Our mission will never change.

Regardless of any of the crazy stuff going on in the USA at the moment or what any random strangers might suggest.

Finally back in the gym next week hopefully. Something so vital for me on a personal note now I literally can’t go without it daily for the rest of life.

Era, we’ll be grand. Survived much worse. It will take more than that to kill this old dog at this stage.

The gym and exercise is surely something that should be encouraged for all people at the moment.

Health is your wealth at the end of the day.

Regarding boxing, some big grass roots stories too emerging in American boxing at the moment.

We’ll be taking a look more at grass roots American amateur boxing moving forward.

Specifically on tips and training methods for those interested in starting boxing.

These articles I’ll be looking to compliment more with the big US boxing stories here on Boxing News and Views.

Plenty to look forward to in boxing. No worries there. Roll on the end of the year.

For a stroll down memory lane of the above fight with George Foreman and Gerry Cooney check it out here:


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