Larry Holmes Responds To Donald Trump and Is Not Too Happy

Larry Holmes Responds To Donald Trump

Larry Holmes Responds To Donald Trump

This week speaking at an event the President of the United States Donald Trump made reference to the sport of boxing.

He asked those in attendance at first how was ‘Earnie’ Holmes doing.

Quickly checking himself and then laughing it off.

He did of course mean Larry Holmes.

A genuine heavyweight boxing legend with arguably one of the best jabs to ever grace the sweet science.

Alas, Holmes has not left Trump off the hook and has responded with the following:

Larry Holmes responds to Donald Trump

During the week showed a more humble side to Donald Trump as he seemed to laugh off his mistake in good humor in fairness.

Era, I don’t know anything about politics, I’m only a boxing and technology guy but for what it’s worth, I’d suggest humility comes before honor and victory in anything.

Perhaps in that particular space between loving one’s self and one’s goals that wisdom can be acquired by any of these world leaders.

In a dark time for Earth perhaps more humility and acknowledging of errors from some world leaders could be appropriate.

Human attitude perception is always subjective to the viewpoint of the person looking of course.

I recall that Italian fella, the Italian prime minister I believe Conte seemingly having good humility.

From what I quietly observed at least.

A bit more of this from all world leaders and maybe things will get a bit better soon.

One of our own sport’s most talented sons in recent times Andre Ward put it well I thought:

I suppose that can be applied to everyone — including world leaders.

There’s a balance to everything ultimately.

As for Larry Holmes above, what an electric fighter in his day.

A genuine legend in the noble art whom will never be forgotten.

Here’s a quick stroll down memory lane remembering one of boxing’s greats:


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