Hall of Fame promoter, entrepreneur and former American lawyer Mr. Bob Arum has wasted little time in expressing his thoughts on this weekend’s big heavyweight knockout.

Russian Alexander Povetkin detonated a soviet style uppercut bomb on the chin on the UK’s Dillian Whyte to knock him out in London.

A shot totally out of nowhere in a fight that Whyte was winning up until then.

An indicative testament to the fallible nature of trying to predict big time professional heavyweight boxing.

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Arum, an outspoken extrovert that knows how to sell fights to say the least, looks after Bulgarian heavyweight Kubrat Pulev.

A fighter due to take on the UK’s Anthony Joshua next up.

Arum lashed out at Whyte in reference to overlooking who was in front of him saying:

He also took the opportunity to put the boot in on British boxing and England — rekindling the USA vs UK rivalry:

Look, Arum is just doing his job as a promoter above. A good one at that to be fair.

At the end of the day we’re all in the business of selling fights. Some of us introverts. Other’s extroverts.

Good old Bobby Arum falling into the latter category undeniably.

Credit to Povetkin and Whyte for putting it all on the line this weekend in an entertaining display of a top tier heavyweight battle.

I would suggest to Whyte that through all serious trauma in life, one only gets stronger from surviving serious trauma.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Alas, he’ll know this more than most anyway.

After the fight Whyte asked his promoter for an immediate rematch with Povetkin in December.

That remains to be seen if it will happen or not.

Overall, the heavyweight division is buzzing and alive once again.

What a weekend for boxing overall.

Very good.


Tyson Fury Reacts To Povetkin Knocking Out Dillian Whyte

Tyson Fury Reacts To Povetkin Knocking Out Dillian Whyte

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