Donald Trump — the President of the United States of America — has made a bit of a faux pas in his boxing history and boxing knowledge.

A harmless mistake which has not gone under the radar mind you.

Era, look, everyone makes mistakes and slip ups.

That said, this one was kind of funny to be fair.

At the same time he seemed to take it in good jest.

Good to see for a change:

Good stuff.

Larry Holmes get it right.

Once again, a bit more of this humble side from Donald Trump and other world leaders when admitting mistakes could bode well.

Look, I could care less about politics, left wing, right wing, middle wing, Kung fu side kick wing, fried chicken wings, Republicans, Democrats or any of that jazz.

Sport, technology and good people enough for me. One thing I know though is that humble, quiet people are always the strongest.

In a time where the world is in tatters at the moment a bit more humility from one of the world leaders like this — as from other world leaders — might not be a bad idea.

Pride comes before the fall as they say..

Alas, his schoolboy error didn’t go unnoticed by some notable figures within the boxing world:

On a boxing note, thank God the show goes on this weekend with some great action in the US involving Shawn Porter and more.

Dillian Whyte and Katie Taylor in meaningful fights in the UK.

The latter two both in very tough fights to be fair.

Also Eleider Alvarez vs Joe Smith Jr an interesting fight in Vegas at the weekend.

Some interesting action in Australia mid week next week as well.

Ah yes, boxing coming back bit by bit.

Very good.


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Young American Makes Pro Debut In Mexico Amid Pandemic

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