Dillian Whyte Makes Shrewd Move Ahead Of Alexander Povetkin Fight

Dillian Whyte Makes Shrewd Move Ahead Of Alexander Povetkin Fight

This weekend’s big heavyweight fight between Dillian Whyte and Alexander Povetkin will be a final eliminator for heavyweight champion Tyson Fury.

Something expected to happen in 2021.

That said, Fury however will have to get past Deontay Wilder in a third fight firstly.

Alas, Whyte has now finally gotten his mandatory shot ordered (about bloody time too).

He knows though just how dangerous Povetkin will be.

He’s taken no chances in preparation by all accounts and has now added experienced trainer Dave Coldwell to his corner on fight night.

A wise move in fairness.

Povetkin is an excellent boxer and fighter who is no stranger to going to the UK.

Knocking out David Price previously on his travels to the UK — Povetkin will have no fear.

It could be a bit of a chess match early on but once it catches fire it may turn into a battle of the left hooks.

Both men fond of the shot in particular.

Interestingly they look to time it and use it as a counter weapon more often than not.

He who sets it up best behind the jab should win.

Certainly, he who executes his overall game plan best should emerge victorious from battle on fight night.

What a fight in store in fairness. Great card with Katie Taylor too.

We’ll be on here all week and on fight night this week ahead of it.

Excuse the delay on getting back on here folks.

Ended up in hospital this morning in Bulgaria with a kidney infection or possible kidney stones.

All good will be grand.

Just a bit of pain as this passes through in the next week or two — body reacting to the clean pure air of the mountains and flushing all the toxic cigarettes and takeaways out after living in a city center for 2 months.

That’s it for cities and living around strangers now.

Big heart felt thanks to the awesome Bulgarians, nurses and staff at the hospital this morning. Thank you.

God is good. We go again. Happy fight week folks.


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