Former heavyweight pugilist specialist, or perhaps more accurately with his fight style, heavyweight beating specialist and the oldest one ever to do it at championship level as a heavyweight, George Foreman knows a thing or two about the division.

A man that would stop at nothing to get you out of there by any means possible.

His career was perhaps best encapsulated by the era in which it existed in many ways, a golden age for heavyweight boxing with the likes of him, Ali, Frazier Liston, Norton and more.

So, when one is coming up with a heavyweight all-time great list — the born again Christian and entrepreneur’s opinion is worth listening to credability wise.

What a tough list to come up with, mind, but big George has gone with the following:

In typical humble fashion omitting himself entirely from the list of course.

He certainly deserves a mention in my opinion though.

Always a difficult thing to try to put together such a list as above.

Going through the different eras a tough task.

Here’s a quick look back at the career of the man Foreman puts as number one:


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