Former heavyweight champion and first Mexican heavyweight champion in history Andy Ruiz Jr like a lot of fighters is looking for is first fight of 2020 at the moment.

Whether he will get one remains to be seen.

Indeed, his last fight came in December of last year when he surrendered his titles to Anthony Joshua in a rematch in Dubai.

Perhaps the long lay off will have done him good mentally it could also be argued.

Recently he caught up with the folks at Fight Hype whom he recalled sparring one of boxing’s legends.

Evander Holyfield no less.

He said:

‘I think when I was 20 or 21 years old we sparred. I think he was getting ready to fight in Europe or something.’

He added

‘He helped me out a lot you know. Of course I had to prove who I was. They were like is this guy a fighter, he’s chubby, he’s Mexican. We don’t spar many Mexicans.’

He concluded;

‘I did learn a lot. You learn from every training session and every sparring partner. Of course I learned from Evander Holyfield. It was a blessing that I trained with him you know and that I sparred with him and all that and for him to talk good about me, that’s a blessing.’

For highlights of Ruiz in action in recent times against Anthony Joshua check some of his work out here:


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